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How do I join?

​​         We are only accepting middle school students at this time. Apply on the 'Circles' page. You will be notified after the application has been processed and whether you will be invited to join. If you are selected, have your parent/guardian fill out a consent form that is required for the first meeting. (back to top)

What is the goal of a math circle?

​​         Athletes have sports teams that deepen their involvement with sports; math circle is the team to deepen your skills in math and problem solving. While these skills may be the main focus, math circle is also a good place to develop social and professional skills. You will meet other people who have a similar mindset, create relationships, and gain confidence. (back to top)

Does it cost anything to attend?

​​         No. Maize and Blue Math Circle is completely free. Plus, we occasionally provide snacks! (back to top)

What do I need to bring?

​​         Physically: nothing
​​         Mentally: an open mind 
          (back to top)


What are the grade level recommendations?

​​         Math Circle is designed for students in middle and high school. Currently, only the middle school circle is open to the public. (back to top)


How do I know if this math circle is the right opportunity for me?

​​         The best way to find out is to come and see! Join us for a session or two to gain a better understanding of what we do. If it feels right, join us again. If you did not like it, we encourage you to come again because different presenters cover different concepts each session and you may find that you liked some days better than others. (back to top)

What if I miss a meeting?

​​         We encourage you to attend every meeting but occasionally missing is not a problem. We are sorry if you are not able to join us for a meeting but we look forward to having you back at any time. (back to top)

I didn't understand everything at the last session. Should I keep coming?

​​         Of course! Please do not let one meeting discourage you from coming back. The concepts are meant to be challenging and you are not expected to fully retain all of the material. Even if you only understood parts of what was going on, you will find that your skills have still improved—which is ultimately what we hope to achieve. If you wish for further clarification, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to clear things up. (back to top)


Can my parent/guardian attend?

​​         Yes, sit back and enjoy. We simply ask that adults refrain from telling students the solutions or answers. Struggling through a problem is a good for understanding! (back to top)


Will there be homework?

​​            No, Math Circle is not like a typical classroom experience. We strive to create a more engaged atmosphere for a better understanding of why we consider math to be satisfying and fun! (back to top)

Who will be coaching the team?

​​            Mathematics faculty from UM-Dearborn volunteer their time to coach the students. Occasionally we will invite outside presenters. The teacher(s) actually leading the circle may vary depending on the material or day, but all are working as a team. The presenter typically changes, but there is usually a student from UM-Dearborn who consistently attends the sessions and helps out. (back to top)

How many sessions will there be?

​​           It varies depending on the year and the circle that you are attending, but all of the circles will take a break in the winter and a break over the summer. See the Circle page or our Calendar for exact details.  (back to top)