Maize and Blue Math Circle Sessions

Session One:
Middle School Circle
Apply for the D-STEM Middle School Math Circle
 Accepted applicants only - open for any middle school student to apply
When: Wednesdays, 2:30pm-3:30pm 
Where: Dearborn STEM School

Print off and bring to the first session: [Parent Consent Form]

 Day Time Room Topic  Presenter
 Wednesday, September 26 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Magical Math! (mental math tricks) Wiggins    
 Wednesday, October 3 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Euler's Characteristic Wiggins
 Wednesday, October 10 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Buffon's needle problem Pokhrel
 Wednesday, October 17 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Candy-sharing game Zeytuncu
 Wednesday, October 24 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Probability theory Macany
 Wednesday, November 7 2:30-3:30pm D-STEM Sandpiles and fractals Zeytuncu

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Session Two:
JRLA Circle
Apply for the JRLA Math Circle
Students selected to attend - only available for certain JRLA students 
When: Tuesdays, 10am-12pm 
Where: University of Michigan-Dearborn, CASL Building

Print off and bring to the first session: [Parent Consent Form]

 Day Time Room Topic  Presenter
Tuesday, October 9 10am-12pm CASL Dynamical Systems Zeytuncu    
Tuesday, October 16 10am-12pm CASL Buffon's Coin Problem Zeytuncu
Tuesday, October 23 10am-12pm CASL Coded Messages Viswanathan
Tuesday, October 30 10am-12pm CASL Security and Encryption Viswanathan
Tuesday, November 13 10am-12pm CASL Parity Games (Dots and Boxes, Knots) Dabkowski
 Tuesday, November 20 10am-12pm CASL Sequences Wiggins