"What is a math circle?" 

The idea of a Math Circle has been growing rapidly across the nation and yet the most common question still asked is, “What is a math circle?” 

Concisely, it is an experience to bring students together through math.

Sessions usually begin with a warm up game that are used as an ice-breaker, while subtly functioning to enforce mathematical concepts. Breaking down barriers at this time allows students to connect on a deeper level for when the main topic is introduced. A professor from the University of Michigan-Dearborn steers the attention of the circle to a proposed problem or concept, then guides the group through exploring this topic. Students develop a language for mathematics by learning to talk through problems with their peers and the collaborative environment allows students to help other students in an all-around beneficial arrangement. 

Along with learning more about math, students will elevate their networking skills. They will connect with students from other schools as well as work with university professors on a personal level.