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UC-DB-2 Reboot

Incident Type: Scheduled Outage

Start Time: February 27, 2015 7:00AM
End Time: February 27, 2015 8:00AM

Service(s) Affected: Limited possibility of disruption to VoIP traffic to UMD campus

Service Type: Production

The remote access controller (CIMC) on UC-DB-2 at the FCNDC stopped responding.

Ann Arbor VoIP team contacted UMD ITS to coordinate a reboot of the server to reset the controller. No loss of phone service to the UMD campus is expected, however work is being completed in the early morning in order to minimize any impacts.

Scheduled Maintenance 
in time order:
Replace  ELB-DL 4500x router with ELB-DL-VSS pair  4500x routers
Replace  FCS-DL 4500x router with FCS-DL-VSS pair  4500x routers
Replace  FCN-DL-2013  4500x router (lic entservice) with 4500x router(lic ipbase)

Start Time: March 1st , 2015 8:30AM
End Time:   March 1st, 2015 1:30PM

 1. When replacing ELB-DLThere is brief network break (less than 30s) due to routing protocol convergence.
 2. When replacing FCS-DL and FCN-DL-2013, wired and wireless network and voip phones FCN and FCS building  may experience     network outage for half hour.  and ITS VPN is not available.

Purpose: This is the first step of project to retire old 4507 routers  in ELB and FCS building