No Unscheduled Outages


CWDC Generator Testing

Incident Type:       Scheduled Maintenance

Start Time:          September 30, 2016 1:00PM

End Time:            September 30, 2016 1:24PM

Service(s) Affected: CWDC (1140 SBCW) and 1131 SBCW

Service Type:        Production

Symptoms:            Facilities and ITS does not anticipate any outage to services in the CWDC

As part of the final testing of the new backup generators for the NSB and SBCW, Facilities Operations will conduct a ~15 minute test to make sure that power transfers appropriately and that the batteries carry the data center through the transition from utility power to generator power and back to utility power.

The current load on the UPS unit will maintain power to the CWDC (and 1131 SBCW) for at least 90 minutes which is more than enough to sustain a transfer back over to main utility power.

9/30 @ 1:00PM - There will be a brief downtime for the switching in 1131 SBCW in order to move them back over to UPS power. Routing from 1131 SBCW will be unaffected. All parties that could be found in the Computing Wing have been notified of the downtime.

9/30 @ 1:47PM - All testing completed. The UPS and generator successfully handled the transfer of the loads to and from utility power for the CWDC and 1131 SBCW.