Learning Analytics @ UM

This site supports the work of the University of Michigan Learning Analytics Task Force (LATF). This group, commissioned by Provost Phil Hanlon in 2012, will meet for three years, and has three principal goals:
  1.  Explore the UM information environment and recommend to the Provost improvements designed to make Michigan a world-class environment for learning analytics research.
  2.  Design and execute a funding program to support the best learning analytics projects proposed by the University community.
  3.  Review the metrics used to assess teaching and learning at Michigan.
Details of the committee charge and membership are linked from this page.

During the winter 2013 semester, LATF sponsored a group of Learning Analytics Fellows who met for two hours a week to discuss learning analytics, work on their own data analysis projects, and meet with campus resources in this space. We are running a second round of the Fellows Program during the winter 2014 semester. Information about this second round, including instructions for how to apply, is available here. Proposals will be due November 15, and all applicants will be notified of their status by December 15.

The Call for Proposals for the Exploring Learning Analytics grant program is available here. A list of questions and answers about the ELA call is available here
Subject to the availability of funds, we expect the next due date for proposals will be November 15, 2013.

The committee launched the public aspects of its work in September 2012. The LATF and the UM Center for Research on Learning and Teaching have joined forces to continue the Student Learning and Analytics at Michigan seminar series, which began during the 2011-12 academic year.