Translate-a-bowl Banner

When: Weekend February 1-2-3, 2013

Where: Language Resource Center, 1500 NorthQuad NOTE: We are "Down the Stairs" 


TRANSLATE-A-BOWL is a short, intense, community-driven event when volunteers interested in translation come together to translate! We have collected videos, websites, and print from museums, non-profits, and university organizations... or bring your own project! You can work in teams or on your own.

Why participate?

Because. . . 

  • you love to translate
  • you want practical experience in translation
  • you want to volunteer your linguistic talents to community service
  • you want to network with other up-and-coming, and established translators
Or you want the opportunity to have your translation used by the organizations involved! 
Sponsored projects include the University of Michigan Museum of Modern Art, the 
Open Michigan Youtube channel - accessed world-wide, a non-profit activist art collective 
website, and others. 

...and there will be prizes!


Friday February 1: 6pm - 8pm
@ Language Resource Center, 1500 North Quad

Evening: Social mixer, Registration, Set up projects and teams

Saturday February 2: 9am - ???
@ Language Resource Center, 1500 North Quad

All Day: Translating, with time out breaks for eating, relaxing, and short presentations 

Sunday February 3: 9am - 1pm
@ 2435 North Quad

Brunch: Wrapping up translations, project presentations, award ceremony