SSW Writing Assistance

Located in Career Services, SSWB 1704

Welcome. Strong writing and communication skills are essential to your academic success and to your professional career. We offer workshops, resources and individual assistance to help you improve your skills and confidence, supporting the mission of The School of Social Work to prepare students for advanced social work practice and lifelong professional growth and development.

I'm Betsy Williams, Writing Skills/Study Skills Coordinator at SSW, here to help with your writing needs. 
I can help you with papers and other writing tasks like presentations and eportfolios.

I offer individual appointments; just email me to schedule.

I also offer workshops. Follow the link at left for details. If you'd like to request a workshop, on a new topic or for your class or organization, email me and we'll discuss your needs.

I have created this website for your convenience, and continue to add content. My goal here is not to be exhaustive. (If you wanted to find everything, you'd search Google.) My goal is to provide links to a very few excellent resources, to help you quickly find what you need.

My office is in SSW Career Services, Room 1704. You can enter through the Office of Student Services, room 1748.

Career Services can also help you with your resume, cover letter, goal statement and more. Email us for an appointment, or just drop by to learn more.