SPS offers tutoring in the Physics Help room at 1416 Randal Lab outside of departmental hours. Times for Fall 2013 TBD.

Private physics tutors

The Society of Physics Students maintains the list of tutors below to connect students in need of assistance with individuals who are able to help. SPS does not specifically recommend any of the tutors listed here; we only list those people who have told us they provide tutoring services. SPS makes no guarantees and offers no specific endorsements. Tutoring is a private arrangement between you and the tutor.

The Help Room services are free and available to any students who walk in. The Help Room may not be used for private tutoring during the normal hours of operation.

Per hour costs vary by tutor. You should always verify your "contract" with your tutor beforehand and plan to pay at the time you receive the tutoring. Communicate openly about your needs, including the duration of tutoring you anticipate and the frequency of sessions.

If you would like to be listed as a tutor please contact the SPS board at spsboard@umich.edu


 NamePhone E-Mail Comments 
  balterma@umich.edu 2nd Year PhD student in the Applied Physics department.
Cadotte, Andrew  cadottea@umich.eduPhD student in physics with 6 years tutoring experience, familiar with tutoring 135, 235 140, 240 and 340.
Campbell, Jenna  campbell.jennam@gmail.comGrad student in Mechanical Engineering; prefer lower level undergraduate courses, but willing to teach upper level courses; also willing to tutor math courses up to Caclulus III along with Linear Algebra; schedule is extremely flexible - willing to tutor on weekends.
Chen, Chihyu (Jimmy)
  chenchih@umich.eduUmich PhD candidate in Applied Physics. 5 years of experience tutoring introductory Physics.
  myufeic@umich.eduPhD student in biology with experience tutoring physics 240 and 235.
  foleyjm@umich.eduPhD student in Applied Physics with 5 years of tutoring introductory physics. I would like to teach at a liberal arts college so teaching is important to me. Groups welcome.
Greenberg, David248-905-1728 dgreenberg@parliamenttutors.comProficient in calculus, statistics, physics, & GMAT prep. Significant tutoring experience.
734-635-2466 barry@alternaprof.com15 years experience tutoring Physics and Calculus (including Differential Equations). M.S. In Physics. Available any day, any time. See my sample videos at alternaprof.com or youtube.com/alternaprof.
Lichko, Emily  elichko@umich.eduI am a senior undergraduate majoring in physics and mathematics. I have five years of tutoring experience in physics and mathematics for students at both the high school and college level.
  ajing@umich.eduPhD in biophysics. My undergraduate major is applied physics. I have done a lot of work involving in mathematical modeling. I can explain some idea from biological view or other field totally different from physics. evenings and weekends.
Manna, Dylan718-913-9338 dmanna@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan Ph.D. Candidate Tutoring Physics and Math - Available Daily - Flexible Schedule - www.dylanthetutor.com - Years of Teaching Experience        
 Miles, Chris     cmiless@umich.edu 2nd year PhD student.         
 Sferrazza, Nick   631-827-7076 nicksfer@umich.edu Upper level undergraduate