SPCL/JPCL Subscription

Reduced, private subscription rate for JPCL  is EUR 80.00. John Benjamins Publishing Company offers this reduced subscription  rate to individual subscribers only. Requests for private  subscriptions should be sent directly to the publisher. By sending  this request private subscribers declare that the subscription is for  their personal use only and that it will not be made available to any  library, institution or department.

This annual subscription rate includes access to the electronic edition of  the journal, and membership of the SPCL. To subscribe, please fill out the form on the publisher's website:, under  "Subscription form".

For payments by credit card, your card will be charged to the  equivalent of EUR 80.00 according to the credit card company's daily  exchange rate. Those who wish to do so, can send a US dollar  check drawn on a US bank.  To determine the amount in USD, please  consult your bank or  for the  daily exchange rate.

Students who wish become members of SPCL but are not able to subscribe to JPCL may become SPCL members at no charge by sending an electronic request for membership to the Executive Secretary, Eric Russell.