Officers and Membership

Executive committee

Rocky R. Meade (President, until 2015)
Don Winford (Vice President/President Elect, until 2015)
Marlyse Baptista (Immediate Past President, until 2015)
Eric Russell (Executive Secretary/Treasurer, until 2016) 
Nicole Scott (Officer-at-large, until 2017)                                                                                                                                                                                  J. Clancy Clements (Officer-at-large, until 2016)

Shelome Gooden (Officer-at-large, until 2015) 

Nominations Committee

Marlyse Baptista Chair (until 2015)
Nicholas Faraclas (until 2015)
Peter Bakker (until 2016)

Committee on Creoles in Education

Fred Field (co-chair)
Jeff Siegel (co-chair)
Dany Adone
Rocky Meade

SPCL Membership

All regular SPCL members are required to subscribe annually to the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (; the subscription fee includes the annual dues established by the Executive Council. Students who wish become members of SPCL but are not able to subscribe to JPCL may become SPCL members at no charge sending an electronic request for membership to the Executive Secretary, Eric Russell.