This is the website to learn about what's going on with the University of Michigan's Student National Dental Association (SNDA).

Back to School Fair
Back to School Fair

Our mission is to...

Promote Diversity
We want to address issues that are important to underrepresented students in dental school as well as promote access to dental health services to underrepresented communities.

We accomplish this by engaging in events and community service that targets the issues and needs of different populations (i.e. African American, Asian American, Latino, LGBT, Muslim, etc.).

Create Community
We want to create a place for all students to feel like they belong.

We accomplish this by planning special events such as a Thanksgiving Potluck.  In addition, there are special team building exercises we do in general body meetings.

Engage in Community Service
We believe in the importance of generosity.  When we help those who need it, we finda a deeper purpose and greater satisfaction in life.

We accomplish this by coordinating at least three community service events per academic year.

Dental Emphasis Day

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