Sunny Zhou


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Major: Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics

Minor: Biochemistry

Year: Class of 2017, College of Engineering


Uniqname: photons (add to email me)



About this website:

I am the webmaster of SAS for year 2014-2016, and have a strong interest in software development - especially full stack web development. However, as you can see, the current website is made with Google Sites, which requires little to no coding. Why is that? Well, potential future webmasters - as well as most current members - have little to no experience dealing directly with coding for the web. In order to make it easy for members to edit their personal pages and future officers to have an easier transition, an executive decision among all current officers was made to keep this site on Google Sites. As an added bonus, everybody in SAS has a Google Sites account thanks to the University of Michigan's connection with Google Apps, so nobody needs to create a new account to edit their page.

But this doesn't mean that I'm not working on making this website better. As you can see, the theme has been completely revamped from one of Google Site's generic themes that we used last year. Additionally, I have been closely watching the analytics for our site, and noticed that the pages everyone is looking for are 1) the tutoring page, and 2) the open house calendar. Because of this, I have reorganized the navigation bar to help users find what they need more easily. Now, all pages are organized by category. For example, all our internal club-related pages such as the about page, location page, and members pages are in one section. All the club externals - inreach and outreach - are in another section.

If you have any suggestions or comments, would like to be added to the SAS email list, or want to have you own web page here, please don't hesitate to contact me! My uniqname is photons. (Add to any uniqname to get a member's email address.)

Stay in orbit!

Sunny Zhou