Nico Wagner

Major: Physics, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Astronomy & Astrophysics

Year: Class of 2014, College of LSA

Uniquename: nicowa

Research Interests: Theoretical physics: string theory and particle physics, protein structure and function, gene regulation and expression

Research Projects: Winter 2011- Feynman diagrams with Professor Henriette Elvang (UMich Physics)

Fall 2011- Supernovae search on the ROTSE team

Summer 2012- Fluorescence imaging of neuronal synapses with super-resolution optical methods at USTC in China

CryoET (cryogenic electron tomography) using an electron microscope

Fall 2012- Determining the effects of poly phosphate on protein aggregation and elucidating the citrate synthase unfolding

mechanism due to chemical and heat stree in the Jakob Lab (UMich MCDB)

Post-graduation plans: I will be attending Harvard for the next 5-6 years to earn a PhD in biology (biochem/biophysics/structural biology).