Faith Vowler

Major: Atmospheric, Oceanic, & Space Sciences (Space Weather concentration)

Minors: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics

Year: Class of 2015, College of Engineering

Uniquename: fmvowler

Research Interests: Exoplanets, Planetary Science, Space Weather

Research Projects: Solar and Heliospheric Research Group, AOSS Department (Jul 2010-Apr 2012)—Studying the trends of the solar wind under Professor Thomas Zurbuchen and Dr. Sue Lepri

UM Museum of Natural History (Jan-Apr 2013)—For Astronomy 305 class: Discovering and writing out astronomy tidbits to be used as planetarium pre-shows for Planetarium Director Matt Linke

AOSS Department (Sept 2012-September 2014)—Investigating Earth’s magnetosphere and plasmasphere under Professor Mark Moldwin and Theresa Carranza-Fulmer

Astronomy Department (Spring 2014 Semester)—Examining binary star systems (in particular that of α Ophiuchi) with Dr. John Monnier