Ezra D. Lesser

Major: Honors Physics

Minor: Music & Computer Science

Uniquename: elesser

Research Interests: Nuclear astrophysics, Particle physics, Quantum computing

Research Projects and Work Experience:

● Currently working as an Independent Contractor for AutonomousSafety, LLC. Responsible for benchmarking software for data visualization and photo stitching, developing tablet computer specifications, writing customer development plans, developing data visualization routines, collecting material to be used for marketing, writing sensor integration software, and delivering lists, reports, and software code.

● Also currently doing research with Prof. Christine Aidala on the POLARIS neutron detector experiment in collaboration with Steven Pain and Michael Febbraro at Oak Ridge National Lab (Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics Group). Responsible for creating circuitry, machining detector equipment, and coding programs for development and characterization of a scintillating liquefied noble gas time projection chamber for low-energy neutron spectroscopy. Heavy emphasis on hardware development and chemical measurements using Fourier transform infrared microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, and gas chromatograph mass spectroscopy.

● Will be traveling to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland for the Winter 2017 semester to work on a new research project at the LHC.