Andrew Burkhardt

Major: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics

Year: Class of 2013, College of LSA

Uniquename: andburkh

Research Interest: Stellar Formation, Protoplanetary Disks, Exoplanet Detections, Planetary Sciences, Orbital Debris Mitigation, Astronomy Education

Research History:

    • September 2009 - May 2010: (August Evrard, Elena Rasia) Analysis of galactic halos in Millenium Gas Simulations
  • September 2010 - December 2010: (Elena Gallo) X-Ray imaging of data from Chandra and on the nature of X-Ray sources, such as AGN and Black hole binaries
  • April 2011 - Present: (Patrick Seitzer) Along with NASA Orbital Debris Program, detected and categorized faint space debris at GEO. Included two-week observations at the Curtis-Schmidt (Cerro Tololo, Chile) and Magellan Clay Telescopes (Las Campanas, Chile)
  • January 2012 - Present: (Edwin Bergin) Spectral fitting and Mappingfor the Sagittarius 2b Molecular Clouds & protoplanetary disks.

Current Research Projects:

Mapping OH for protoplanetary disks

Categorization and Spectra of Space Debris in GEO