The Angell Hall Observatory is located on the roof of Angell Hall in the heart of UofM's Central Campus. Angell Hall is on State St. between North and South University Avenues.

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Angell Hall is the western part of a four-building complex that houses much of UofM's classroom space. Tisch Hall (south), Haven Hall (southeast) and Mason Hall (northeast) make up the rest of the complex. Most of the entrances into the complex are locked after hours, but one door is kept open to provide access to the building. This door can be accessed through Haven Hall on the East or Diag side of the complex, as seen on this map. Angell Hall is the purple buildling on the map. The late-night entrance is on the opposite side of state street, facing the "diag". Once inside the building, from this entrance, proceed down the main hall towards the elevators and take them to the fifth floor. If you're worried about navigating your way through the Angell Hall buildling, not to fear! Prior to open houses, we post directional arrows telling you where to go. Once at the fifth floor, more signs will direct you to the roof and to other events taking place such as presentations and planetarium shows.


Ample public parking, both street and structure, is available all over downtown Ann Arbor. Metered street parking generally operates from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., thus most street parking during open house hours is free (be sure to check the meter!!!). Nearby parking structures include the Maynard St. structure (accessible from either Thompson or Maynard Streets) and Liberty Square (accessible from Washington St.). 

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The SAS office is located in 417 West Hall.  Our phone number is 734-936-3626