I recently completed my Ph.D. in the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) at the University of Michigan. Starting August 2017 I will be an Assistant Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University. 

Working at the intersection of urban geography and planning, I focus on: 1) the theory and practice of urban resilience; 2) green infrastructure planning; and 3) urban climate change adaptation.

My dissertation combined more conceptual studies of urban resilience theory with empirical research on the complexities of planning green infrastructure to enhance social-ecological resilience in a range of cities including Manila (Philippines), New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit. For each of these cities, I am developing a Green Infrastructure Spatial Planning (GISP) model for evaluating trade-offs between green infrastructure resilience functions and identifying priority areas (or ‘hotspots’) where it can be strategically developed so as to maximize ecosystem service benefits. My research has been published in journals including Landscape and Urban Planning, Urban Geography, Sustainability, Environmental Science and Policy, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and the International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development (See them in Google Scholar). I have a master’s in international development studies from the University of Amsterdam and a 
bachelor’s in political science and history from the University of Florida