Rebecca Hardin

Associate Professor, University of Michigan
School for Environment and Sustainability 
Director, Michigan Sustainability Cases
Coordinator, Environmental Justice Certificate 
Telephone:734 647 5947
Twitter: @rebeccacademy, @ihih_radio
Instagram: @rebekalisation
Podcast: www.hotinhere.us
Lightening Talk

I study Africas' environmental legacies and social contributions to sustainability science and practice. I also work on environmental justice movements in Europe and North America. 

Current work includes study of educational innovation and environmental management, especially forest and water management in Kenya, Gabon, New England, and the upper Midwest for environmental justice and environmental health.

My students are conducting independent research on topics that range from documenting variations in community adaptive capacity in Ecuador to Zanzibar's plastic pollution problems; from Zombie television genres' influence on public attitudes toward climate change and immigration, to the public acceptability of urine derived fertilizers as alternatives to chemical fertilizers in U.S. agriculture.

I write and think about how anthropology as a field, and ethnography as a practice, can enrich interdisciplinary intellectual and practical work on pressing environmental problems. 

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