Rebecca Hardin

Associate Professor, University of Michigan
School for Environment and Sustainability 
Director, Michigan Sustainability Cases
Coordinator, Environmental Justice Certificate 
Telephone:734 647 5947
Twitter: @rebeccacademy

Since undergraduate training in Brown University's Modern Culture and Media community I have studied links between symbol, narrative, social power and environmental outcomes. My AB honors thesis was on translations of Marguerite Duras's work on race, gender and power among French, Chinese and Vietnamese in French colonial and postcolonial Indochina. Peace Corps service in the Central African Republic  immersed me in African societies as well as French colonial and postcolonial politics there. My training at Yale with anthropologist Angelique Haugerud and historian Robert Harms enabled me to explore connections between East African and Equatorial African settings, while also learning foundational field ecological methods from Harold Conklin and Alison Richard. Today I still study the African continent's influential environmental legacies and social transformations. Recent projects have centered on human/wildife interactions and infectious disease, corporate social responsibility relative to community institutions, and how anti poaching efforts and disease surveillance shape security states within emerging or troubled democracies. I am interested in African investments in educational innovation and environmental management. In that work and in new projects here in the U.S. i am looking at water management for equity and environmental health.These new collaborations with Engineering, Law, and Public Health colleagues have benefitted from the methods and theories gathered under the Environmental Justice and Health cluster at SEAS. 

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