Research Highlights

Bacterial curli protein and amyloid sequences    September 30, 2014

Prof. Ramamoorthy gives an update on the impact of this research, a year after publication of the article titled "Bacterial curli protein promotes the conversion of PAP248-286 into the amyloid SEVI: cross-seeding of dissimilar amyloid sequences" which has already been cited several times, on the PeerJ blog and can be found here.

A cup of green tea a day keeps the Alzheimer's away! March 05, 2013

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a new potential benefit of a molecule in green tea: preventing the misfolding of specific proteins in the brain. 

Prof. Ramamoorthy says, "A cup of green tea a day keeps the Alzheimer's disease away". He and his collaborators have found that EGCG, an ingredient found in green tea extract prevents the aggregate formation and break down of already formed amyloid aggregates which are known to be the key in Alzheimer's disease. A detailed note on this ground breaking discovery has been published in ScienceDaily here.

Preventing Diabetes Damage: Zinc's Effects On a Kinky, Two-Faced Cohort
July 05, 2011

Read the ScienceDaily Science News article published on Samer's recent paper: here.

We also wish Samer farewell and wish him the best in medical school!

Lab Member Highlights

Nirbhay Jain wins Astronaut Scholarship and Goldwater Honorable Mention    May, 2014
Congratulations, Nirbhay!

Sam Kotler receives 2014-2015 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship   March, 2014
Congratulations, Sam!

Russell Pandian and Architha Ellenki joined the group! Welcome!  February, 2013

Rams receives a Faculty Recognition Award for his outstanding Teaching, Scholarship, Service and Creative Activities!   October 17, 2012

Faculty Recognition Awards are intended for faculty early in their careers who have demonstrated substantive contributions to the university through achievements in scholarly research and/or creative endeavors; excellence as a teacher, adviser and mentor; and distinguished participation in service activities of the university. Eligible candidates include full professors with no more than four years at that rank, associate professors and assistant professors. Up to five awards of $1,000 each are made each year. Congratulations, Rams!

Nirbhay receives a Summer Undergraduate Research award   
May 01, 2012

Nirbhay Jain received a Summer Undergraduate Research Program Award from the Chemistry department. Congratulations, Nirbhay!

Melissa receives the ACS Leadership Award    April 05, 2012

Melissa Goldenberg received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leadership Award from the Huron Valley Section of the American Chemical Society.

An important mission of the American Chemical Society is to promote an understanding of chemistry and its place in society. The action and initiative of individuals are critical to this: to provide leadership, organization, and positive representation for science and citizenship.  Each year, the Huron Valley Section is pleased to recognize outstanding achievement in professional citizenship demonstrated by an undergraduate student. Congratulations, Melissa!