16th PTF Dublin

Second and Final announcement



Sixteenth International Workshop on

Premixed Turbulent Flames PTF-16


Friday and Saturday July 27th and 28th 2018

Trinity College Arts Bldg, Nassau Street at Dawson Street,  Swift Room

Dublin, Ireland, from 9:00 to 17:00

(see map below, it is a 1.5 km walk from the symposium venue)


Website for the Premixed Turbulent Flame (PTF) workshop: please paste this URL directly into your browser URL search box (do not try a google search).  


 To Register: if your name appears on page 4, you are registered. Please bring your registration fee in cash or check (we cannot accept credit cards).  Fee is: non-student 160 euros, student: 100 euros.  Includes 2 lunches and one (Friday) dinner with TNF.

 All presentation slots now are filled.  See the agenda on page 2.  If your name is not on page 4 and you wish to attend without presenting, please send an email to:  jamesfd@umich.edu 

 Organizers:      Jim Driscoll,                           jamesfd@umich.edu

Ömer L. Gülder,                     ogulder@utias.utoronto.ca

Jackie Chen                             jhchen@sandia.gov

Stephen Dooley                     Stephen.Dooley@tcd.ie    Trinity College


Agenda for 16th Premixed Turbulent Flame (PTF) Workshop, Dublin

Friday July 27, 2018

8:30 Registration

9:00            Welcome  Ömer, Jackie, Jim

Experiments I,     Chair: Aaron Skiba

1 9:10 Nondas Mastorakos U. Cambridge Lean blow-out of bluff-body flames of prevaporised  fuels
2 9:20 Fokion Egolfopoulos U Southern Cal Fuel Effects on Turbulent Premixed Flames

9:30 discussion

3 9:45 Ömer Gulder U. Toronto Can we reconcile DNS results with PTF experiments ?
4 9:55 Jim Driscoll U. Michigan Broken, Broadened, Distributed Premixed Turbulent Combustion

10:05 discussion

5 10:20 Hideaki Kobayashi Tohoku U High-pressure turbulent premixed combustion of ammonia
6 10:30 Xue-Song Bai Lund U. A new premixed flame swirl burner and preliminary experiments

10:40 discussion

10:55 coffee break

Experiments II,     Chair: Xue-Song Bai 

7 11:10 Baki Cetegen U Connecticut Fuel effects on structure and lean blowoff  of bluff-body flames
8 11:20 Aaron Skiba Michigan/U Cambr Rayleigh - PLIF imaging of premixed flames in extreme turbulence

11:30 discussion

9 11:45 Simone Hochgreb U Cambridge Reconciling burning rate enhancement with flame surface area
10 11:55 Adam Steinberg Georgia Tech To be determined

12:05 discussion

12:20 lunch

Joint Session with TNF,   Chair: Adam Steinberg

2:00 Adam Steinberg, Peter Hamlington, Ga Tech, U Colorado,                  New physics knowledge gaps

3:00 Matthias Ihme, Luc Vervisch, Stanford U, U. Rouen,                               Challenges in modelling

4:00 Jeff Sutton, Evatt Hawkes, The Ohio State U, U New South Wales,       Configurations, path forward

5:00 adjourn

Saturday July 28, 2018

Computations I,      Chair:   Bruno Savard

11 9:00 Jackie Chen Sandia Natl Lab Flame Propagation and Structure in Complex Geometries
12 9:10 Andy Aspden U Newcastle Premixed Flame Simulations with Finite-Rate Chemistry

9:20 discussion 

13 9:35 Clinton Groth U Toronto Finite-Volume Scheme w AMR to LES of a Bluff Body Flame
14 9:45 Alexei Poludnenko Texas A&M Numerical and Expt Studies of Compressible Turbulent Flames 

9:55 discussion

15 10:10 L Cifuentes / A Kempf U Duisburg-Essen DNS of premixed jet flame

16 10:20 Stewart Cant U Cambridge DNS and modelling for flame topology and propagation

10:30 discussion

10:45 coffee break

Computations II,     Chair:  Andy Aspden

17 11:00 A Attili / H. Pitsch RWTH Aachen U DNS of turbulence-flame interaction in high Re premixed jet flames
18 11:10 Haiou Wang Zhejiang Univ Flamelet models for stratified premixed flames in the LES context

11:20 discussion

19 11:35 Bruno Savard Cal Tech Low-temperature chemistry in n-heptane premixed turb flames
20 11:45 Zhuyin Ren Tsinghua U Transported PDF simulations of turbulent premixed flames
21 11:55 Xinyu Zhao U Connecticutt LES of burning and blowoff of bluffbody premixed flames

12:05 discussion 

12:20 lunch

General Topics,       Chair: Xinyu Zhao

22 2:00 Tim Wabel, A. Steinberg U. Toronto To be determined

23 2:10 Abhishek Saha Princeton U Role of Cellular Instabilities in Turbulent Flame Propagation

2:20 discussion 

24 2:35 Nicolas Noiray ETH Zurich Combustion dynamics in sequential combustors
25 2:45 Steven Shy N Cent U. Taiwan Correlations of Turbulent Burning Velocities with Lewis Number

2:55 discussion

26 3:10 Paul Ronney U Southern Calif Jet-stirred chamber for  turbulent flames, autoignition, kinetics expts
27 3:20 M Cleary, A Kronenberg U Stuttgart
Multiple Mapping Conditioning for Premixed Combustion

3:30 discussion


28 3:45 Youngbin  Yoon Seoul Natl U Multi-mode Instability in a Partially Premixed Combustor
29 3:55 Kareem Ahmed      U Central Florida Compressible Turbulent Flame Speeds of Highly-Turbulent  Flames
30 4:05 Friedrich Dinkelacker U. Hannover Modelling of Gas Engine Prechamber Combustion

4:15 Chris Fugger Spectral Energies Kilohertz diagnostics to study bluff body flames 

4:25 discussion

5:00 adjourn




New: five workshops will be held in adjacent rooms and we will eat lunch with colleagues. A joint dinner is available for those who wish. Workshops are: PTF, TNF, Laminar Flames, Soot Chemistry, Rapid Compression Machines.








Dear Colleagues,


The Sixteenth International Workshop on Premixed Turbulent Flames (PTF-16) will be held at the Trinity College Arts Building in the Swift class room, Nassau Street, Dublin, Ireland, starting at 9 am on Friday and Saturday (July 27th and 28th, 2018) just before the 37th Combustion Symposium.  


The registration fee will cover lunches on Friday and Saturday. For those who choose to stay for dinner on Friday there is an additional charge. All meals in Dublin will be served in a large room next to the five workshops that are being held in adjacent rooms in the Arts Building. Not all workshops run at the same time, but there will be significant overlap. As we did last time, the plan is for PTF-15 to run from 9:00 – 17:00 on Friday and Saturday.


A unique aspect of our PTF workshop is that each presentation is limited to 10 minutes, which is followed by a discussion period that may be 15 minutes. Some previous topics:

Flamelet Structure       Numerical Simulations   Data bases               New Diagnostics

Burning Velocities      Flame Dynamics             Partially-premixed  Combustion Instabilities                                             

1.     What can we decide for certain, what is a research issue ?

2.     Tabulation and comparisons of experimental and DNS data bases

3.     New answers can be obtained using kilohertz diagnostics ?

Attached is a list of talks given at the last workshop (in Seoul).


Best regards,


Jim Driscoll , Ömer Gülder , Jackie Chen


Jim Driscoll,    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA,  jamesfd@umich.edu

Ömer Gülder,   University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada  ogulder@utias.utoronto.ca

Jackie Chen,     Sandia National Labs, USA  jhchen@sandia.gov






Previous presentations:  PTF-15 in Seoul


Ömer Gulder       U. Toronto         On the validity of the Damkohler's hypothesis                                              

Jim Driscoll         U. Michigan        Research challenges for our PTF community                                     

N. Mastorakos     U. Cambridge      Turbulent premixed flames with prevapourised kerosene                                

Yiguang Ju         Princeton U.       Turbulent burning velocity at large ignition Damkohler numbers                     

Bo Zhou             Lund U.             Burning velocity for highly turbulent flames with distributed reactions              


Adam Steinberg   U of Toronto      Lagrangian trajectories through laminar and thickened flamelets           

Aaron Skiba       Michigan            Reaction layers in extremely turbulent premixed flames                                  

F. Egolfopoulos   U Southern Cal    Fuel and Hydrodynamic Effects on TurbulentPremixed Jet Flames                   

Paul Ronney       U Southern Cal    Novel jet-stirred apparatus for PTF experiments                                

Peter Lindstedt    Imperial College  Beyond Bimodal Statistics in Premixed Turbulent Flames                                                       

Andy Aspden      U Southampton   DNS of Turbulent Premixed Flames                                                

Xue-Song Bai     Lund U.             DNS of high Karlovitz number methane/air premixed flames                           

Simon Lapointe   Cal Tech            DNS - Role of fuel chemistry and integral scale in high Ka flames        

Girish Nivarti      U. Cambridge      DNS of Premixed Flames in High Intensity Turbulence                                  

Bruno Savard      Calif Inst Tech    DNS to determine effects of dissipation rate on local fuel burning rate              


Haiou Wang       U. New S. Wales DNS of a high Ka laboratory jet flame                                                         

Sina Kheirkhah    U. of Toronto      Periodic behavior of weakly turbulent premixed flames                                  

Matthias Ihme     Stanford Univ     Large Eddy Simulations                                                    

David Blunck      Stanford Univ     Turbulent flame speeds in a premixed burner with liquid fuel              

N. Mastorakos     U. Cambridge      Turbulent premixed flames                                                            


Baki Cetegen      U. Connecticut    OH, CH2O PLIF, PIV in premixed bluff-body stabilized                    

Tim Wabel         Michigan            Burning velocities of extremely turbulent flames                   

Abhishek Saha    Princeton U.       Some Recent Observations on Turbulent Expanding Flames                

Steven Shy         Natl Central U    Turbulent ignition transition of iso-octane                                                    

A. Hayakawa       Tohoku U.          Stabilization and emissions of ammonia/air flames                                                                                                                                         

Per Petersson      Lund U.             Lund low-swirl flame - data for LES validation                                             

Michael Pfitzner  U. München        Validation of LES PTF models                                                      

Robert Pitz         Vanderbilt U.      Model of Soret diffusion for DNS validated in tubular flames              

Albert Ratner      U. of Iowa          Interpreting Interaction between Local & Global Flame Response       

Fabien Halter      U. Orleans          Large Eddy Simulations                                                    


Jackie Chen        Sandia Natl Lab  DNS of High Ka Turbulent Premixed Combustion in Free Jets and Near Walls

Kang Huh          Pohang U.          Status of conditional averaging in turbulent premixed combustion                    

A. Lipatnikov      Chalmers U.       DNS of Mitigation of Wrinkling due to Combustion Induced Acceleration         

Michele Bolla      ETH Zurich        A-priori study of flame-wall interaction                                                       

Ivan Langella       U. of Cambridge   Do we need flame stretching effects in SGS modelling for LES ?        

Yuki Minamoto   Tokyo Tech        A DNS study on flame--flame interaction


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