Political Economy Workshop

Tuesdays, 12 to 1:30

Eldersveld Room

Faculty coordinators: Mark DinceccoMai HassanIain Osgood, Ugo Troianoand Scott Tyson

Graduate coordinators: Jieun Lee, Anil Menon, and Nicole Wu

Past workshops: 2014-152015-162016-17

Academic Year 2017-18

Fall 2017

19 September: Joe Ornstein, "Municipal Election Timing and Local Growth Controls"

26 September: Jason Davis, "War as an Internal Indivisibility Problem"

5 October (Thursday): Julia Gray, University of Pennsylvania

5 October (Thursday, joint with CPRD): Jake Shapiro, Princeton University

13 October (Friday, joint with CPRD): Massimo Morelli, Bocconi University

24 October: Blake Miller

3 November (Friday, joint with CPW and Economic History): Stephen Haber, Stanford University

7 November: Jane Kitaevich and Albana Shehaj, "Bullets and Blessings: Do Protracted Conflicts Render States Less Accountable?"

13 November (Monday, 301 Lorch Hall, 1130-1pm): Ricardo Perez-Truglia, UCLA (Public Finance Seminar)

28 November: Nicole Wu

5 December: Taha Rauf

11 December (Monday): Cathrin Mohr, University of Munich and Harvard University

Winter 2018

16 January: Vera Troeger, University of Warwick, "Budget Cycles, Fiscal Transparency, and Compositional Spending"

January: Arthur Lupia and Daniel Magleby, "Why Do Politicians Pay for Your Research? The Political Economy of Science Funding"

2 February 
(Friday, joint with CPW): Dan Honig, Johns Hopkins

6 February: 
Carly Wayne, "The Goldilocks Problem of Counter-Terrorism: Why Governments Over- and Under-Invest in Counter-Terror"



6 March: Diogo Ferrari, "A Hierarchical Non-Parametric Mixture Model to Detect Heterogeneity in Preferences for Redistribution"

13 March: Jieun Lee

20 March: Volha Charnysh, Princeton University (tentative)

27 March: Reuben Hurst (Ross), "
Polemical Identities and Electoral Rules: Strategic Identity-Signaling by Evangelical Candidates in Brazilian Municipal Elections"

3 April: Julio Ríos-Figueroa, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

10 April (Tuesday, 201 Lorch Hall, 230-4pm, joint with Economic History): Saumitra Jha, Stanford University

13 April (Friday): Jason Brownlee, University of Texas

20 April (Friday, joint with EHLM): End-of-Year Mini-Conference featuring 
Yuhua Wang, Harvard University