Political Economy Workshop

Tuesdays, 12 to 1:30

Eldersveld Room

Faculty coordinators: Mai HassanIain Osgood, Ugo Troiano and Scott Tyson (Mark Dincecco is on leave for 2016-17)

Graduate coordinators: Traviss Cassidy, Anil Menon and Nicole Wu

Past workshops: 2014-152015-16

Academic Year 2016-17

Fall 2016

13 September: Iain Osgood, "Intellectual Property Provisions and Support for US Trade Agreements"

20 September: Geoff Lorenz, "Informative Interest Group Position-Taking: How Lobbying Influences Congressional Committee Agenda-Setting."

27 September: Maiko Heller, "Keep Me If You Can: Exit Power and Government Spending"

4 October: Meredith Blank, "Dancing in the Dark: The State’s Information Challenges and Internal Armed Forces"

11 October: Diana Greenwald, "The Gap Between Autonomy and Statehood: Policing, Taxing and Resisting in the West Bank"

25 October: Joe Ornstein, "Subnational Public Opinion Estimation Using MrsP"

4 November (Friday 12-1:30): Jennifer Gandhi, Emory University, "Opposition Unity and Cooptation in Hybrid Regimes"

8 November: Alexander Persaud, "Risk mitigation and selection under forward contracts: 19th-century Indian indentureship"

15 November: Rescheduled.

29 November: Diogo Ferrari, "Income, Redistributive Preferences, and Preferences for Centralization of Political Authority"

7 December (Wednesday): Chris Blattman, University of Chicago, "Do anti-poverty programs sway voters? Experimental evidence from Uganda"

9 December (Friday): Peter Rosendorff, NYU, "Cooperative Autocracies: Leader Survival, Creditworthiness and  Bilateral Investment Treaties"

Winter 2017

17 January: Andrew Kerner, "Ex Post Revisions and the Stability of Empirical Relationships in Political Economy Research"

24 January: Kevin Cope, "Alliance-Forming in International Convention Negotiations: The International Criminal Court"

31 January: Alon Yakter, "Circles of Solidarity: Diversity and Redistribution in Developed Democracies"

7 February: Carly Wayne, "The Goldilocks Problem of Counter-Terrorism: Why Governments Over- and Under-Invest in Counter-Terror."

14 February: Traviss Cassidy, "Resource Curse or Revenue Curse? Federal Transfers and Government Accountability in Indonesia."

21 February: Hang Yu, "The Value of Political Connections for Firms - the Case of Government-Official Outside Directors in China"

24 February: Marion Dumas, Santa Fe Institute, "A Theoretical Model of Technological Change in Industrial Networks and Implications for a Green Technological Transition."

7 March: Ajay Shenoy, "Do Voters or Politicians Choose the Outcomes of Elections? Evidence from the Struggle to Control Congressional Redistricting"

17 March: Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "The Tocqueville Paradox: When Does Reform Provoke Rebellion?"

28 March: Scott Tyson, "Counterterrorism under the Shadow of an Escalating Threat"

4 April: Joe Ornstein, "Diverse Cities Spend More"

11 April: Nadiya Kostyuk, "From Words to Actions: Cross-national Approaches to Cyber Security
             Tom O'Mealia, "Burning it Down: The Use of Scorched Earth in Civil Conflict"

14 April: Konstantinos Matakos, King's College London, "Waking up to a Golden Dawn: The effect of exposure to the refugee crisis on political attitudes and support for far-right parties"

21 April: PEW End-of-Year Mini-Conference:
    10:30-12: Graduate Student Presentations
    12-1:30: James Morrow, "Modeling Multilateral International Negotiations