About Us
Professional Latino/as at UM Alliance (PLUMA) is a community of faculty and staff members at the University of Michigan that collaborate and support a diverse range of activities on Latino culture. 

PLUMA is a community of faculty and staff members at the University of Michigan that collaborates and supports a diverse range of activities on Latino/a culture.

One of the purposes of PLUMA is to bring together the UM faculty and staff who are interested in issues related to the Latino community. We strive to increase our visibility on campus, encourage communication, support networking, and voice cultural and educational concerns about the Latino community. We believe this increased visibility can also help with the recruitment of Latino/a faculty, staff, and students and contribute towards a welcoming environment at UM.

PLUMA members engage in a variety of activities at the University of Michigan including research, teaching, and student academic success.

To subscribe to the PLUMA listserve please email: pluma.members-requests@umich.edu