The Physics Graduate Council seeks to improve the graduate experience in the Physics Department, both academically and socially, encouraging camaraderie and providing a confidential avenue for students to make suggestions and voice concerns regarding their experience in the department. 


The Physics Graduate Council is composed of a diverse group of University of Michigan Physics graduate students, representing different subfields of physics and year in grad school. 

First year:         Elections will take place January, 2017
Second year:    Chris Barnes, Ben Girodias, Rachel Hyneman, Alexa Rakoski
Third year:        Trevor Bailey, Chengyu Dai, Stephanie Hamilton
Fourth year:    Anthony Charles, Jim Antonaglia 
Fifth year:        Chrisy Du, Midhat Farooq, Meryl Spencer
Sixth year and above:    Charles Munson, Yun Suk Eo


Physics Grad Council was established for the express purpose of bringing students and faculty together for department-wide events, and collaborating with the U-M Physics leadership to strengthen the graduate program. Grad Council seeks to facilitate communication between graduate students and other members of the department, including faculty and administration. Above all, Grad Council serves as a resource for the graduate students in the Physics Department and works towards implementing suggestions and addressing concerns that are brought up by graduate students.