About Grad Council

Who we are
The Physics Graduate Council is a committee of physics graduate students from different subfields of physics and years in graduate school dedicated to fostering community and improving the graduate experience in our department.

First year: Marina David, Zach Johnson, Eva Kraegeloh, Huy Nguyen
Second year: Matt Day, Elizabeth Drueke, Josh Foster, Rachel Owen
Third year: Enrique Gamez, Melissa Hutcheson
, Alexa Rakoski, Michael Viray
Fourth year: Trevor Bailey, Chelsea Hendrus
Fifth year and above: Jim Antonaglia

What we do
We organize a variety of social gatherings and activities to bring together the physics community and promote ties across all years and disciplines. See our Events page for more information.

We also strive to identify and resolve issues that affect the graduate student community, both as a whole and on an individual level. As an independent student organization, we can advocate on behalf of graduate students and open up channels of communication to discuss and solve any problems that may arise. See our Initiatives page for more information.

If you have ideas for events, suggestions for us, or issues you’d like to bring to our attention, e-mail us at physgradcouncil@umich.edu, talk to any of our members, or contact us anonymously here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Mission Statement

The Physics Graduate Council seeks to improve the graduate experience in the Physics Department, both academically and socially, encouraging camaraderie and providing a confidential avenue for students to make suggestions and voice concerns regarding their experience in the department.

Grad Council Events Calendar