The Physics Graduate Council seeks to improve the graduate experience in the Physics Department, both academically and socially, encouraging camaraderie and providing a confidential avenue for students to bring suggestions and concerns.


First year:         Chris Barnes, Ben Girodias, 
                            Rachel Hyneman, Alexa Rakoski
Second year:    Trevor Bailey, Chengyu Dai,     
                            Stephanie Hamilton
Third year:        Anthony Charles, Jim Antonaglia 
Fourth year:     Chrisy Du, Midhat Farooq, 
                             Alex Page, Meryl Spencer
Fifth year and above:    Charles Munson,     
                                             Yun Suk Eo

Why we were created:

The Physics Graduate Council is composed of a diverse group of University of Michigan Physics graduate students from different classes and laboratories. We strive to foster a sense of community among students. Recent surveys of graduate students have demonstrated that it is all too easy to become trapped in a laboratory and feel detached from the rest of the department.  The Graduate Council hopes to counter this challenge by organizing a variety of student-oriented social gatherings and enrichment activities that build relationships beyond the confines of laboratory walls. 

We bring students and faculty together for department-wide events, and we collaborate with the U-M Physics leadership to strengthen the graduate program. Above all, we want to be a resource for our peers in the Physics program; we work to implement suggestions and address concerns that are brought up by graduate students.