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MUSA 08. Lou Harrison: Keyboard and Chamber Music (1937-1994)

Edited by Leta Miller

A collection of seven works for chamber ensemble or keyboard solo spanning over fifty years: (1) France 1917-Spain 1937 (string quartet, 2 percussion), 1937-68; (2) Tributes to Charon (percussion trio), 1939-82; (3) Praises for Michael the Archangel (organ solo), 1947; (4) Vestiunt Silve (soprano, flute, 2 violas, harp), 1951-94; (5) Cinna (tack pianosolo), 1955-57; (6) Varied Trio (violin, piano, percussion), 1987; (7) Grand Duo (violin, piano), 1988. The prefatory essay explores, through the lens of these seven works, the sources of Harrison's syncretic style, focusing on its diverse aesthetic components: percussion, Asian music, gamelan, medieval music, the French baroque, melody, tuning systems, instrument building, and politics. Interwoven biographical material is based in part on the author's book, "Lou Harrison: Composing a World" (Oxford University Press, 1998).


Nicholls, David. Review of Selected Keyboard and Chamber Music, 1937-1994 by Lou Harrison. Edited by Leta E. Miller. Notes 56, no. 3 (2000): 774-776.