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MUSA 20—Songs from "A New Circle of Voices": Sixteenth Annual Pow-Wow at UCLA

Edited by Tara Browner 
Along with an introductory essay and explanatory notes, this volume contains transcriptions by ethnomusicologist Tara Browner of thirteen songs performed in May 2001 by the Cedartree Singers (from Falls Church, Virginia) and Native Thunder (from Thunder Valley, South Dakota) at the sixteenth annual pow-wow sponsored by UCLA’s American Indian Student Association. The transcriptions are complete in that they feature not only vocal lines for lead singers and ensembles, but also lines for drums and--with notation invented especially for this edition--movement patterns for both male and female dancers; the vocal material (including vocables and texts in the Lakota and Pawnee languages) are presented in full, with translations offered in the explanatory notes for each song.


1-2. Two Grand Entry Songs
3. Pawnee Flag Song
4. Pawnee Victory Song: Kissaka'u
5. Intertribal Song
6. Teen Girls' Traditional Contest Song
7. Song for All Women's Exhibition
8. Teen Boys' Southern Straight Exhibition: Dottie Tiger's Song
9. Contest Song for Junior Boys Grass and Northern Traditional Dancers
10. Honor Song for Ben Wolf's Family
11. Straight Intertribal Song
12. Flag Song: Wapaha Olowan
13. Retreat: Wowapi Glupapi


Levine, Victoria Lindsay. Review of Songs from “A New Circle of Voices”: The Sixteenth Annual Pow-wow at UCLA, edited by Tara Browner. Journal of the Society for American Music 6, no. 3 (2012): 377-379.