MUSA (Music of the United States of America)

Amy Beal (University of California-Santa Cruz), co-Editor-in-Chief
Mark Clague (University of Michigan), co-Editor-in-Chief
Andrew Kuster, Executive Editor

Robert Judd (Executive Director of the American Musicological Society), Financial Officer

Nathinee Chucherdwatanasak (University of Michigan), Editorial Assistant

American Musicological Society Committee on the Publication of American Music (COPAM)

Leta Miller (University of California-Santa Cruz), Chair
Phil Ford (University of Indiana)
John Graziano (City University of New York, A-R Editions)
Christopher Lynch (Duquesne University)
Nathan Platte (University of Iowa)
Sarah Suhadolnik (University of Iowa)
Stephanie Vander Wel (State University of New York at Buffalo)
Patrick Warfield (University of Maryland)
Pamela Whitcomb (A-R Editions)

Previous Members of COPAM

David Brackett (McGill University), Johann Buis (Wheaton College), Marva Griffin Carter (Georgia State University), Dale Cockrell (Vanderbilt University), Paul Corneilson (C.P.E. Bach Edition), Rich Crawford (University of Michigan, emeritus), James Deaville (Carleton University), Dexter Edge (MUSA), Samuel A. Floyd, Jr. (Center for Black Music Research, deceased), Lawrence Gushee (University of Illinois), James Haar (University of North Carolina, emeritus), Charles Hamm (Dartmouth University, deceased), H Wiley Hitchcock (Brooklyn College CUNY, deceased), Cynthia Adams Hoover (Smithsonian Institution), Tammy L. Kernodle (Miami University, Ohio), Beth Levy (University of California at Davis), Judith McCulloh (University of Illinois Press, deceased), Anne Dhu McLucas (University of Oregon, deceased), Gayle Magee (University of Illinois), Jeffrey Magee (University of Illinois), Ingrid T. Monson (Harvard University), Bruno Nettl (University of Illinois), David Nicholls (University of Southampton), Carol Oja (Harvard University), Marcello Piras (MUSA), Michael Pisani (Vassar College), Paul Ranzini (A-R Editions, American Institute of Musicology), Christopher Reynolds (University of California, Davis), Wayne Schneider (University of Vermont), Wayne D. Shirley (Library of Congress, retired), Ron Wiecki (A-R Edtions), James Wierzbicki (University of Sydney)

MUSA Volume Editors (Published)

Paul Austerlitz (Gettysburg College), Marianne Betz (Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leipzig), Adrienne Fried Block (independent scholar, deceased), Rae Linda Brown (University of California, Irvine), Tara Browner (University of California, Los Angeles), Michael Broyles (Pennsylvania State University), Theodore E. Buehrer (Kenyon College), Dale Cockrell (Vanderbilt University), Nym Cooke (College of Holy Cross), Anthony M. Cummings (Lafayette College), Jon W. Finson (University of North Carolina), Charles Fussell (Boston College), Charles Hamm (Dartmouth University, deceased), H. Wiley Hitchcock (Brooklyn College CUNY, deceased), John J. Joyce, Jr. (Tulane University), Richard Kassel (independent scholar and composer), Nola Reed Knouse (Moravian Music Foundation), Karl Kroeger (University of Colorado, emeritus), Jere Laukkanen (Helsinki Metropolia University), Victoria Lindsay Levine (Colorado College), Paul S. Machlin (Colby College), Leta Miller (University of California, Santa Cruz), Michael Ochs (freelance editorial consultant), N. Lee Orr (Georgia State University), Katherine K. Preston (College of William and Mary), Bruce Boyd Raeburn (Tulane University), Thomas L. Riis (University of Colorado), Lawrence Schenbeck, (Spelman College), Lyn Schenbeck (independent scholar), Wayne Schneider (University of Vermont), Wayne D. Shirley (Library of Congress, retired), Joanne Swenson-Eldridge (St. Mary’s College, South Bend, Indiana), Jeffrey Taylor (Brooklyn College CUNY), Judith Tick (Northeastern University), Denise Von Glahn (Florida State University), Patrick Warfield (University of Maryland)

MUSA Volume Editors (Forthcoming)

Carson Cohen (independent scholar), Norm Cohen (University of Portland), Jon Alan Conrad (University of Delaware), Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett (Aaron Copland Fund for Music), Sandra Jean Graham (Babson College), John Holzaepfel (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin), John Koegel (California State University, Fullerton), Anne Dhu McLucas (University of Oregon, deceased), Peter Muir (independent scholar), Renee Lapp Norris (Lebanon Valley College), Laura Moore Pruett (Merrimack College), Aaron Sherber (Martha Graham Dance Company), Amy Ku’uleialoha Stillman (University of Michigan)

Previous Editorial Assistants for MUSA

Ethan Allred, Tamar Barzel, Amy Beal, John Behling, Suzanne Camino, Gil Scott Chapman, Mishona Collier, Anne Crawford, Amanda Eubanks-Winkler, Timothy Freeze, Jessica Getman, Stephanie Heriger, Jesse Johnston, Lisa Keeney, Russell Klenetsky, Joshua Luty, Michael Mauskapf, Andrew Nardone, Julie Anne Nord (née Heikel), Nathan Platte, Steven Reale, Colin Roust, Christopher Scheer, Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir, Sarah Suhadolnik, Victoria Von Arx-Zak, Evan Ware, Leah Weinberg, Trevor Young (Contact MUSA's Executive Editor if your name should be here, too.)

Previous Executive Editors of MUSA

Wayne Schneider (1988-1993), Jeffrey Magee (1993-1997), Mark Clague (1997-2003), Marcello Piras (interim 2001-2002), James Wierzbicki (2003-2009), Dorothea Gail (2009-2012), Dexter Edge (2013-2014), Andrew Kuster (2015-present)