Monaciano II Symposium 2018

A Strategic Planning Retreat to Advance the Treatment of Inherited Retinal Degeneration

This meeting was held October 6-9, 2018 in Tuscany, Italy

Sponsored by Celeste and Bruno Piperno, Duke University, and the University of Michigan


A white paper of the recommendations from Monaciano-II summarizing the efforts needed to advance clinical trials for IRD has been published as a five-year update to the white paper resulting from the first Monaciano Symposium.

For information pertaining to the first symposium, visit the Monaciano Symposium I website. Username: monaciano, Password: dr1013

Purpose of the Meeting

To bring together leaders in the field in order to identify obstacles to, and develop strategies for, the large-scale implementation of treatments for inherited retinal degeneration.

Discussions will focus on Emerging Issues in Clinical Trials for RD:

  • Identifying the most compelling therapeutic strategies
  • Complying with ethical concerns relative to recruitment and participation
  • Formalizing outcome measures and trial endpoints
  • Identifying funding sources for trials outside of industry
  • Meeting the infra-structure needs of large-scale trials
  • Advancing the efforts of international consortia


Workshop of approximately 35 invited participants. Short presentations will be followed by brainstorming and consensus building sessions. Specific discussion topics will be developed based on participant responses to pre-meeting surveys. The meeting will begin Saturday evening Oct 6 with dinner, introductions, and the charge; the meeting will continue all day Sunday and Monday, followed by dinner at the villa or outside; the meeting will conclude on Tuesday morning Oct 9 with a wrap-up session to generate the summary of recommendations.


The location for the symposium is outside Siena, Italy on the Monaciano private estate. Visit the websites for Tenuta di Monaciano and Ville in Italia for information and photos of the historic villa and guest houses for participants.


Room and board will be provided by the owners of the estate. Participants have the option of arriving on Oct 4 or 5 before the start of the meeting. All participants will depart at the close of the meeting on Oct 9. Participants have the option of bringing a guest. There will be no registration fees.


Transportation to and from the estate to the Florence airport, the Siena train station, and the Gala Dinner will be provided by the organizers. No funds are available to cover airfare.