Program Registration

Pre-Registration will open soon!

Pre-Registration will open soon! Please register children day of on January 21, 2019.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in our attempt to streamline and expedite the drop-off process for more than 500 K-12 students the morning of the event! We look forward to seeing you on MLK Day! If you pre-registered, please bring your ticket printed or on your phone.We will send you room information before MLK Day. You will bring your child directly to the room and not have to wait in any lines. 

Upon arrival at the MLB (Modern Languages Building), the parents/guardians dropping off the student(s) should proceed to the room(s) provided in a follow-up email. Parents/guardians will need to print event registration or bring it on their phone.

When the parents/guardians returns for pickup, they MUST have the same ticket printed or on their phoneIf someone different from the "drop-off adult" will pick up the child(ren), the "drop-off adult" should text or email, the ticket  to the "pick-up adult." 

Walk-In Registration Process

We always accept walk-in registration. When you arrive to MLB on Monday, January 21, 2019, please look for sign for "On-Site Registration." Volunteers will be ready to register your child(ren) for the program.

Buddy Requests

If your child is planning to come with, or meet up with, a friend, we can place them in the same classroom if you and their parent/guardian are able to register them for the same class. Assigned classrooms will NOT be switched the day of the event.

For Children Ages 4 and Under (Pre-K and Under)

Children pre-K and under MUST be accompanied by an adult during the entire program. To ensure our primary audience's full appreciation and participation in the MLK Children & Youth Day events, we respectfully ask that parents of children kindergarten age or older leave their children in our care to enjoy the program. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend other U-M MLK Symposium events on campus. A list of these activities is available on the U-M MLK Symposium website (

Walk-In Registration Process

Walk-in registration is for anyone who has not filled out the online pre-registration form for this year's program. If possible, please fill out the online pre-registration form even if you are unsure if your student(s) will participate in the program; there is no penalty for no-shows. Pre-registration allows us to more easily assign equal numbers of students to different classrooms, and it also saves you from waiting in line on the day of the program. 

1.  The "drop-off adult" will need to fill out a registration form upon arrival. The walk-in registrants will be in a separate hallway from the pre-registrants, meaning a completely separate line.

2. Once the registration form is completed and signed, the registration personnel will fill out a Fact Sheet with all listed students and find them a classroom to which each will be assigned to a teacher-leader for the day. This information will be added to the Fact Sheet and then handed to the adult for use as a guide to delivering students to the classroom(s). This sheet will then be initialed by the assigned teacher-leader (in the classroom to which the the student(s) is/are delivered by the adult) in acknowledgement of transfer of care. The adult will keep the paperwork, which is needed for pickup at the end of the day.

4. When the adult returns for pickup, he or she MUST have the same Fact Sheet in order for MLK Program personnel to release student(s) into the care of parent/guardian picking up the student(s). If someone different from the "drop-off adult" will pick up the student(s), the "drop-off adult" should text, email, or fax a copy of the Fact Sheet to the "pick-up adult."