Welcome to MedFamilies!

MedFamilies is a new program that partners pre-clinical (M1-M2) students with clinical (M3-M4) students and a faculty mentor. The first part of the program, MedSibs, was piloted last year and matches every incoming M1 with a rising M2 at the start of the summer prior to matriculation. The M2 then welcomes the new student and serves as a resource for the incoming M1 to help make the transition to medical school as smooth as possible.  The second part of the program, MedFamilies, will begin this fall as the M1-M2 pairs will be grouped vertically into families with clinical students (4 students from each class) and a faculty mentor (MedParent). The families will meet throughout the year in both formal and informal settings in order to establish a support network, encourage mentorship, and build clinical skills.

The goals of the program are to foster a closer-knit medical school community by facilitating mentorship throughout all levels of the medical school, providing teaching and learning opportunities in the area of clinical skills, as well as strengthening a culture of student wellness through the creation and expansion of longitudinal support networks.

Please feel free to contact any of the student representatives if you have any questions.

Program Chairs:            Devon Rupley and Tessa Watt
M2 Representatives:      Debbie Cheng and Nastassia Sylvestre
M3 Representatives:      Dave Seo and Will Peterson
M4 Representatives:      Annie Porter and Adam Gadzinski
Faculty Advisor:            Tamara Gay, MD