Welcome to the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop group dedicated to evaluation and assessment of educational and design approaches to tackling global sustainability challenges!

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he workshop builds off of several distinct educational and design efforts at the University of Michigan aimed at solving local and global sustainability challenges, among them the REFRESCH Third Century Project, an NSF funded INFEWS grant, the Michigan Sustainability Cases curricular innovation initiative, and several PhD projects that span Nursing, Engineering, Environmental and Sustainability fields.  We seek to produce collaborative academic works that critically analyze problem framing, design criteria and consultative processes, development of educational and instructional materials, pedagogical practices and engaged learning approaches, assessment of learning and uptake or innovation outcomes, and finally development of broad sustainability competencies or even capabilities and citizenship capacities for resolving social conflicts and sustainability challenges.   


1. Facilitate regular exchange and collaboration among students and faculty who share

intellectual interests across fields that span medical, engineering, sciences and humanities. 

2. Help advance research by: a) facilitating internal working subgroups for shared learning

in action, b) providing a forum for critical feedback on research efforts and c) provide

better metrics and meanings for “broader impact.”

3. Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration on research and/or a conference or journal

papers via manuscript workshops, and sessions for feedback on early work. 

4. Facilitate communication of results beyond conventional academic papers,

such as broadly visible opinion pieces in journalistic sources, self produced podcasts, or innovative multimedia
 "users guides" for teaching materials or technologies. 

Do you have questions or interest in joining the group? Please email the coordination team of Doctoral Candidates Matt Vedrin (Engineering) or Meg Czerwinski (Nursing), or Faculty Member Rebecca Hardin (Environment and Sustainability) 

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Photo Credits:  US Fish and Wildlife Service