Marin K. Clark

Associate Professor

Fields of Study
Geomorphology, geodynamics, tectonics, and thermochronology

Mailing Address
Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan
2534 C. C. Little Building
1100 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1005

Physical Address
Office - 1020 C. C. Little Building
Lab - 1026 C. C. Little Building

734.615.0484 (office)
734.763.4690 (fax)

Prospective Students and Post-docs

If you are interested in graduate school or postdoctoral research in tectonics, thermochronology, geomorphology, or geodynamics, I am looking for people to join my research group.

Research Interests

My research involves the study of topography and how it relates to lithospheric deformation. I look at the evolution of rivers and other landforms because these systems are a sensitive record of vertical movement of the Earth's surface caused by deformation. Sometimes this deformation occurs very deep in the Earth's crust or upper mantle making direct observation an impossible task. In order to study these deep processes, I develop ways of using topography as a proxy for motion at great depths beneath the continents. I use a variety of tools including field geology, GIS modeling, geodynamic modeling, and thermochronology.