The dual degree program in M&I and HME allows students to earn a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and an MS in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology at the same time. The program provides students interested in infectious disease and immunity with interdisciplinary training in both the biomedical sciences and molecular epidemiology. 

To be admitted to the dual degree, you must:
•Apply to the M&I PhD program via PIBS and be offered an interview 
•Request to meet the faculty advisor (Eric Martens) during your interview visit. 
•Be admitted, and if you haven't already, meet with faculty advisor (Eric Martens) before or when you arrive on campus. 
•If possible, perform a summer rotation. Whether or not you come in summer, count on performing whole-term rotations only, and be prepared to launch into your dual degree course work starting in your first term at Michigan
•Meet with advisors regularly about course selections.
•Prior to doing laboratory rotations, fill out the Rotation form found on the "Links" page on this site 

To learn if this program is right for you, please visit all the pages on this site.