Human Robot Collaboration


Lionel P. Robert Jr.
Associate Professor 
School of Information 
Director of MAVRIC
Core Faculty, Michigan Robotics
University of Michigan


By way of introduction, I am an Associate Professor in the School of Information (UMSI) at the University of Michigan and a core faculty member of Michigan Robotics (Robotics). I am the director of the Michigan Autonomous Vehicle Research Intergroup Collaboration (MAVRIC)I am also an affiliate of the Michigan Interactive and Social Computing (MISC) Research Group.

My research in the area of human robot collaboration typically involves understanding how to facilitate more effective collaborations between humans and robots. Below you will find links to my two areas of study as they relate to human robot collaborations along with several grants and funded research projects associated with both areas.

Robotics Research Areas

Area 1: Teamwork with Robots                

Grants/Funding related to Human Robot Collaboration

MCity: Predicting Drivers’ Takeover Readiness and Designing Adaptive In-Vehicle Alert System 2018-2019
($300,000) Co-PI with: Xi Jessie Yang, Dawn Tilbury, Anuj K Pradhan and Feng Zhou. The objective of this proposal is to predict drivers’ takeover readiness and design an adaptive alert system. 

Toyota Research Institute (TRI): Examining the Impact of Implicit and Explicit AV Communications on Pedestrians’ Trust 2018-2019
($150,000) PI with Co-PIs: Dawn Tilbury, Anuj K Pradhan and Xi Jessie Yang. The objective of this proposal is to understand how implicit and explicit AV communications can facilitate pedestrian's trust in AVs.

($300,000) Co-PI with Dawn Tilbury. Terms of agreement are: $100,000 per year renewable for up to 3 years. The objective of this proposal is to model mutual trust between the driver and autonomous vehicles in convoy operations.

Toyota Research Institute (TRI): Control and Trust between Drivers and Autonomous Vehicles, 2017
($100,000) PI with Co-PIs: Dawn Tilbury and Anuj K Pradhan. The objective of this proposal is to understand when a driver is likely to take control of an autonomous vehicle and when an autonomous vehicle should take control.

Mobility Transformation Center (MTC): Explanations & Expectations of Autonomous Vehicles, 2017-2018
($300,000) PI with Co-PIs: Dawn Tilbury and Anuj K Pradhan. The objective of this proposal is to understand driver’s expectation of their autonomous vehicle and the explanation their autonomous vehicle should provide to address the concerns of the driver.

U-M MCubed Project: Virtual Prototyping of Human-Robot Collaboration 2013-2015
($60,000) Co-PI along with Vineet Kamat and SangHyun Lee. Using virtual reality to prototype the design of robots to facilitate better human robot interactions.