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Popular Press/Social Media

Popular Press 

"The Growing Problem of Humanizing Robots" by Lionel

Recently quoted (Nov 10, 2016) in the "The Santa Clara" newspaper on the topic of autonomous vehicles.

A recent write-up on my appointment as Co-Chair of UMSI’s Diversity Committee.

Announcement of our (PI: Daniel Romero and CoPI: Ceren Budak) National Science Foundation Grant
A recent write-up on my 2016 CHI paper on distance and diversity. 

Announcement of my and several others' CSCW 2016 best paper nominations. 

Wrote an article for UMSI Monthly Magazine 

Announcement of my project MCubed on "Virtual prototyping of human-robot collaboration."

Featured in UMSI Monthly

Quoted in the The Glass Hammer in Flex Execs: How to Get Your Teammates on Board with Telecommuting.

Article discusses one of my research papers: The larger your team, the greater the loafing.

Article (First Impressions in Virtual Teams) discusses my paper on Individual Swift Trust and Knowledge-Based Trust in Face to Face and Virtual Team Members, (JMIS), 26(2), pp. 241-279. 

Social Media

Discussing the importance of virtual collaboration to teamwork (Link to the youtube video here)

Brief introduction to my research in the Fall 2011 (Link to the youtube video here

Sankara-Subramanian Srinivasan discussing our paper "Mechanisms Underlying Social Loafing in Technology Teams: An Empirical Analysis", (pdf) at ICIS 2010 (Link to the youtube video here)

Dean Jeff MacKie-Mason of the School of Information introduces you to new assistant professors Finn Brunton, Cliff Lampe, Lionel Robert, and Julia Adler-Milstein. (Link to the youtube video here)