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Grants/Funded Research

($60,000) Co-PI with PI Audrey Bennett and Ron Eglash. Cultural traditions in weaving, basketry, and other crafts support skilled labor and more ecologically sustainable ways of life. But they are threatened by competition from factory-made fakes, and increasingly difficult to pass on to the next generation. Thus this research will design, fabricate and test prototypes to facilitate human-machine collaboration in the artisanal fabrication process. 

($300,000) Co-PI with: PI Xi Jessie Yang, Dawn Tilbury, Anuj K Pradhan and Feng ZhouThe objective of this proposal is to predict drivers’ takeover readiness and design an adaptive alert system. 

Toyota Research Institute (TRI), 2017-2019
($250,000) PI with Co-PIs: Dawn Tilbury, Anuj K Pradhan and Xi Jessie Yang
    Year 2
    The objective of this proposal is to understand how implicit and explicit AV communications can facilitate pedestrian's trust in AVs.

    Year 1
    The objective of this proposal is to understand when a driver is likely to take control of an autonomous vehicle and when an autonomous vehicle should take control.

($300,000) Co-PI with PI Dawn Tilbury and Xi Jessie Yang. Terms of agreement are: $100,000 per year renewable for up to 3 years. The objective of this proposal is to model mutual trust between the driver and autonomous vehicles in convoy operations.

Mobility Transformation Center (MTC): Explanations & Expectations of Autonomous Vehicles, 2017-2018
($300,000) PI with Co-PIs: Dawn Tilbury and Anuj K Pradhan. The objective of this proposal is to understand driver’s expectation of their autonomous vehicle and the explanation their autonomous vehicle should provide to address the concerns of the driver.

($515,463) Co-PI along with PI Daniel Romero and Ceren Budak. This project will advance understanding of how groups of volunteer contributors to online resources perform in the face of sudden, unexpected events related to their work. 

Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan 2016
($2,500) PI. An exploratory travel grant. The goal of this project is to examine the influence of culture on crowds.

($60,000) Co-PI along with Jesse Austin-Breneman and Nigel Melville. This project will use a mix of human subject experiments and quantitative modeling techniques to examine how individual characteristics may affect risky team decisions.

($60,000) Co-PI along with Vineet Kamat and SangHyun Lee. Using virtual reality to prototype the design of robots to facilitate better human robot interactions.

U-M Office of Research and Rackham Graduate School, Spring/Summer Research Grant 2013
($10,000) PI. Examining how to promote knowledge sharing in diverse virtual teams.  

Information Technology Research Institute, University of Arkansas 2009
($3,000) Co-PI along with Newell, J. B., Maruping, L. M., Riemenschneider, C. Using technology to leverage diversity in virtual teams.

Mark and Dayna Sutton Research Faculty Support Fund (Walton College of Business) 2009
($1,500) PI along with Srinivasan, S. S. and Maruping, L. M. Effects of team size and dispersion on individual social loafing in technology-supported teams.

Mark and Dayna Sutton Research Faculty Support Fund (Walton College of Business) 2008
($2,000) PI along with Alnuaimi, O. and Maruping, L. M. Linking team size and dispersion to individual social loafing.