Lionel P. Robert Jr.
Associate Professor 
University of Michigan
ORCID ID:0000-0002-1410-2601

By way of introduction, I am an Associate Professor in the School of Information (UMSI) at the University of Michigan. I completed my Ph.D. in Information Systems from Indiana University where I was a BAT Fellow and KPMG Scholar.  As a Transportation Officer in the U.S. Army, I spent over 10 years on active and reserve duty. Currently, I am the director of the Michigan Autonomous Vehicle Research Intergroup Collaboration (MAVRIC) and I also an affiliate of the Michigan Interactive and Social Computing (MISC) Research Group, Michigan Robotics Institute (Robotics), Information Behavior and Interaction (IBI) Research Group and the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCIDall at the University of Michigan and the Center for Computer-Mediated Communication (CCMC) at Indiana University. I have appeared in print, radio and/or television for ABC, CNN, CNBC, Michigan Radio, Inc. and the Associated Press.

Research Overview
In the past, my research focused on teamwork with technology. However, as my interests have broadened a more accurate description would be to say that I now focus on the collaboration through and with technology. My research has been published in leading information systems and information science journals, including Information Systems Research (ISR), Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS), PACM on Human-Computer Interaction (PACM-HCI) and the Journal of the Association Information Science and Technology, (JAIST). In addition, my research has also been published in premier human computer interaction conferences such as ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), ACM/IEEE Human Robot Interaction (HRI) and ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP).  

My research has been sponsored by the U.S. Army, Toyota Research Institute, MCity, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies and the National Science Foundation.