Kevin Lieberman

Welcome!  I am a Robotics PhD student at the University of Michigan with research interests in human-robot interaction, human factors, and cognitive ergonomics.  A member of The Human-Automation Interaction and Cognition Lab, I was awarded a 2016 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship from the Department of Defense and a 2016 Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship from the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA).  My advisor is Professor Nadine Sarter (Center for Ergonomics, Industrial and Operations Engineering) and my co-advisor is Professor Ella Atkins (Aerospace Engineering).  I am a member of the ROI Community and Hillel International's Board of Directors.

Prior to beginning graduate school in Fall 2015, I worked for Metron Aviation, a subsidiary of Airbus ProSky, developing new air traffic management concepts and analyses.  I graduated with Departmental Distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 2012.

I can be reached at klieberm [at] umich [dot] edu.