Michigan IT Community of Practice Facilitators

Affectionately known as "CoP2" -- a community of practice for community of practice facilitators 

Purpose: to share resources, challenges, tips, support and tools

Goal: to sustain healthy, vibrant, and relevant communities of practice

Work we do:
  • Build communities of like-minded professionals across Michigan IT
  • Share collective information, experiences, and ideas around a particular IT topic in support of the university’s missions
  • Provide peer support
  • Develop best practices to sustain an ecosystem where communities last beyond individual efforts
Work we don't do:
  • Direct governance or influence of ITS or other centrally provided services. (There are plenty of governance groups that do that; we’re focused on peer-to-peer community building)
Facilitators: Lisa Callihan, LSA (lscalli@umich.edu); Bryan Martyn, MSIS (bmartyn@umich.edu)

Meeting Frequency: Every other month

Expectations: Attendance from 1-2 facilitators from each team at each meeting

MCommunity Group: Michigan IT Community of Practice Facilitators

Metrics (or measures by which we will track progress):
  • Attendance and participation of CoP2
  • Self evaluation of "Value of CoP2 participation"
  • Summary report/evaluation of lessons learned