About the Customer Advocacy Community of Practice

The purpose of forming this IT Community is quite simple. The University of Michigan IT landscape is challenging, complex, and evolving. Customers (faculty, staff, students) need and want guidance to solve their problems so they don’t have to understand and keep on top of all of the changes (e.g., organizational structures, new services, deprecated services). We would like to join together those at UM that help customers navigate the UM IT ecosystem, guide customers to services that exist, and advocate for them when services don’t yet exist. 

The initial goals of this community include:
  • Build relationships among those that are trying to solve similar IT issues. 
  • Leverage each other’s work so that research on a particular solution is done only once. 
  • Share information and success stories for how services are described and communicated. 
  • Create a foundation of information that helps customers navigate IT at Michigan.
Meeting Details: Our first in-person meeting will be scheduled for October 2014. 

What can I expect:  

MCommunity Group:   Please join the MCommunity Group, ITCommunity-Advocacy, If you are interested in participating and receiving information/updates.

Community Facilitator(s):  Erin Dietrich (LS&A), Mike Morabito (ITS), Michael Warden (MSIS)

Google + Community: ...

Michigan IT CoP CIO Website:  https://cio.umich.edu/michigan-it/communities-of-practice.php