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Center for Human Motor Research
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Virtual Reality Laboratory
Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering - SAE
Human Motion Links to Other Universities, Groups, and Government Agencies
ACM SIGGRAPH - Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics
AnyBody Research Project - Aalborg University
Boeing McDonnell Douglas Human Modeling System
Caltech Vision Lab
Georgia Tech Animation Lab
MIRALab - University of Geneva
MIT Arm Motion Research
NIST - Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications
Stanford Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab
SAE G-13 Human Modeling Technology Committee
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
UCSC Perceptual Science Lab
U of Iowa Digital Human Lab
U of Pennsylvania Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
U of Waterloo Humanoid Animation Working Group
U of Washington Animation Research Lab
Virtual Animation of the Kinematics of Humans
Virtual Humans Architecture Group
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Autodesk - Alias/Maya/
Animation Magazine
Credo Interactive
Kinetic Impulse
Visual Effects Society
Digital Human / Human Motion / Human Modeling Company Links
Advanced Motion Measurement - Human Modeling
AnyBody Technology - Human Biomechanical Model
BostonDynamics - Dynamic Human Simulation
C-Motion - Visual3D Motion Analysis
Dassault Systemes - Manufacturing Software
Delmia (Former Deneb and SAFEWORK) ERGO Human CAD
ESI Group - Human Biomechanical Models
Innovative Sports Training - Motion Monitor
Reflex Research - Human Modeling and Animation Software
Human Solutions - RAMSIS Human CAD
SammieCad - DHM
Siemens PLM Software - Tecnomatix Jack Human CAD
Tracking System Links
Ascension - Magnetic Systems
Claron Technology - Optical Tracker
Innovision Systems - Motion Tracking Software
Measurand Shape Advantage - Goniometric Systems
Meta Motion - Goniometric Systems
Mikromak Motion Analysis Systems - Optical Systems
Motion Analysis Corp - Optical Systems
Moven Inertial Motion Capture - Goniometric Systems
Natural Point - Optical Systems
Northern Digital - OPTOTRAK - Optical Systems
Phase Space Motion Capture - Optical Systems
Phoenix Technologies - Visualeyez Optical Systems
Polhemus - FASTRAK - Magnetic Systems
Qualisys - Optical Systems
SIMI - Video Systems
VICON Peak- Optical Systems