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Unfortunately, as of 2014, Honors Peer Mentors has been shut down due to redundancy with several other mentoring opportunities within LSA Honors. For more information on those opportunities, please contact LSA Honors or talk to your Honors RA for more information.

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Current (2014-15) Board and Committee Leaders

 Student Director Allison Moody almoody
 Academics Chair Brandon Yik yikbrand
 Volunteer Chair Fahad Sarvari   fsarvari  
 Social Chair
 Haley Soshnick hlsoshni
 Coordination Chair Jerry Cornell jcorn
 Publicity Chair Anika Huq ahuq
 Mentor Coordinator Douglas Werkman dowerk
 Treasurer Anna Collins akcoll
 Web Design Brandon Yik yikbrand
 Honors Office Liaison
 Stephanie Chervin schervin

2013-14 Board and Committee Leaders

PositionNameEmail (
 Student Director Alex Blaty ablaty
 Mentor Coordinator Claire Eckert    ceeckert
 Academics Chair Fahad Sarvari   fsarvari  
 Activities Chair
 Haley Soshnick hlsoshni
 Treasurer Jerry Cornell  jcorn
 Publicity Chair Allison Moody almoody
 Web Design Brandon Yik yikbrand
 Flex Chair Brandon Yik yikbrand
 Coordination Chair Douglas Werkman dowerk
 Honors Office Liaison
 Henry Dyson hdyson

2012-13 Board and Committee Leaders

PositionNameEmail (
 Student Director Alex Blaty ablaty
 Mentor Coordinator Kelsey Hamrick      kjham
 Academics Chair Fahad Sarvari   fsarvari  
 Activities Chair Abra Guo abraguo
 Treasurer Katrina Gumbinner gumbykat  
 Study Night Chair Jerry Cornell jcorn
 Web Design Alex Blaty ablaty
 Honors Office Liaison Henry Dyson hdyson

2011-12 Board and Committee Leaders

PositionNameEmail (
 Director Amy Strom amystrom
 Mentor Coordinator Kelsey Hamrick       kjham
 Academics Chair Daniel Chardell chardell
 Activities Chair Emily Greer greere
 Co-Activities Chair Katie D'Hondt   hdhondt
 Publicity Chair Alex Blaty ablaty
 Treasurer Nikhil Iyer nri
 Study Night Chair Chris Boffi chrisbof
 Web Design Alex Blaty      ablaty