My name is 
Harim Kwon [haɾɪm kwʌn] and I am an Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Program in the English Department at George Mason University.
I was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at Université Paris Diderot -- Paris 7, laboratoire CLILLAC-ARP

completed my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Michigan (advisors: Patrice Beddor and Andries Coetzee) in 2015. I am originally from Seoul, Korea, and I did my BA and MA at Seoul National University, majoring in English linguistics. 

The broad goal of my research is to enhance our understanding of the nature of cognitive representation for speech perception in relation to the target of speech production as well as in relation to theories of phonology. I pursue this 
goal by studying changes that speaker-listeners' linguistic experience can cause in their phonological (cognitive) knowledge, and in their perception and production of speech. 

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Last updated on 1/25/2018