HEP/ASTRO Seminars
      Seminars take place on Mondays in room 335 West Hall at 4:00 pm

    Winter 2014
    Date             Speaker Title
     1/6/14  Break  
     1/13/14  Ron Gilman (Rutgers)  The Proton Radius Puzzle
     1/20/14  MLK day
     1/27/14  Mark Reynolds (UMich)
    Observations of Black Hole Accretion Flows
     2/3/14  Yukio Tomozawa (Umich)     Physical metric and the nature of gravity - black holes, supernovae, cosmic rays, cosmic acceleration, and all that
     2/10/14  Wouter Deconinck (William &  Mary)
     The Qweak Experiment: First Determination of the Weak  Charge of the Proton
     2/17/14  Sung Park (McLaren) McLaren Proton Project and Clinical Physics Research
     2/27/14 (Thurs, 3 pm, 470 WH)
     Mei Bai (BNL)
     Experience of High-Energy Polarized Proton Beams at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Complex
     3/3/14  Break - 335 WH Construction
     3/10/14  Harry Weerts (ANL)  Snowmass: The Intensity Frontier CANCELLED
     3/17/14  Amol Upadhye (Argonne) Dark Energy from the Megasparsec to the Micron
     3/24/14  John Ellis
     Higgs Physics and Supersymmetry
     3/31/14  Georgia Karagiorgi (Columbia)
     MicroBooNE: Neutrino physics at the dawn of the liquid argon TPC era
     4/7/14 Joel England (SLAC)Laser-Powered Micro-Accelerators
     4/14/14 Ron Gilgenbach (UMich) High Power Microwave Generation and Mitigation
     4/21/14  Andrew Hearin (FNAL) The Phantom Menace of Galaxy Clustering
     4/28/14  Laura Newburgh (UToronto)