HEP/Astrophysics Weekly Seminars
  Seminars take place on Mondays in room 335 West Hall at 4:00 pm 

Winter 2015

Date            SpeakerTitle
 1/12/2015Luis Lehner
Perimeter Institute
Gravitational and (possible) electromagnetic signals from compact binaries 
(Martin Luther King day)
  MIPSE co-sponsored
Damiano Caprioli

First-Principles Simulations of Particle Acceleration at Astrophysical Shocks

 2/2/2015emergency cancellation -        
  moved to 23 February   

 2/9/2015Tanja Rindler-Daller
U Michigan    

An astrophysical hunt to uncover the nature of dark matter

  special MICDE
340 WH
Mario Juric 
U Washington 

LSST: Ushering in the Era of Petascale Optical Astronomy

 2/23/2015Joshua Spitz, MIT
Faculty Candidate 
Using Kaons to Unlock the Secrets of the Neutrino
(Spring break)
 3/9/2015Jahred Adelman
Searches for New Physics at ATLAS Using Pair Production of Higgs Bosons
Xuebing Bu
The NoVA Experiment
 3/23/2015Maurice GARCIA-SCIVERES
Silicon Pixel Detectors in Particle Physics
 3/30/2015Anyes Taffard
UC Irvine
 Electroweak SUSY searches with ATLAS
Johannes Staguhn
NASA Goddard

Deep Surveys with GISMO : Searching for submillimeter galaxies at the highest redshifts

 4/13/2015Josh Rubin 
University of Michigan     
Exploring the Nucleon’s Sea at SeaQuest
4/20/2015Higgs workshop seminar keynote speakerHiggs

deferred... Jay Strader 
Compact objects in nearby stellar clusters