Joshua S. Havumaki
Epidemiology PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan

Research Summary: My overarching goal is to make epidemiological models more accessible by integrating detailed and comprehensive datasets from the field and presenting the results in relevant and interpretable means. I am also interested in cutting edge analytical techniques that can incorporate diverse scientific data to portray a complete picture of disease. My research interests include, infectious diseases (polio, cholera, dengue, tuberculosis), data collection, clinical trials, global health, dynamic mathematical modeling and policy.

Short Bio:  I have worked on several public health related projects both in the field and lab in multiple countries around the world (e.g. Thailand, Australia,
Switzerland). My work has focused on improving data collection systems and conducting statistical and other nonlinear analyses in different sectors (e.g. Government, Academia, NGO).

More Information:

Skills: MATLAB, R, SAS, Excel, Biostatistics, Dynamic Mathematical Modelling, Clinical trials data monitoring