Below is a record of all H2D2 presentations in previous semesters. If you are looking for the current schedule, please click here.

Winter 2018

 Week  Date Presentation
1-8 no presentations
 93/6/18  James Allen IV, "Should We Worry About the Population Bomb in Sub-Saharan Africa?"
Huayu Xu, "The Mortality Cost of Patronage: Evidence from China's Great Famine"
 10 3/13/18  Achyuta Adhvaryu, "More Money, More Problems? Expectations, Wage Hikes, and Worker Voice"
 113/20/18Meera Mahadevan, "Turning on the Lights: State Capacity in Electricity Provisioning"
Connor Cole, "Short and Long-term Labor Market Effects of Program Eligibility Cut-Offs - Evidence from the Medicaid Program"
 123/27/18Siprapai Sitapong, "Relative skills of internal migrants and non-migrants in Indonesia: Role of networks"
 134/3/18   Teju Velayudhan, "Do Value Added Taxes Thresholds Reduce Real Output?"
Obeid Rehman, "
Migrant-Household Communication and Information Sharing"
 144/10/18Ilona Matysiak, "Local activists or withdrawn individualists? Community engagement of young adults with a university degree living in rural areas in Poland"
no presentation
H2D2 Research Day 2018
 164/24/18Catalina Franco, "Biased beliefs, effort, performance, and career aspirations: Evidence from a field experiment in Colombia"
 175/1/18   Pieter de Vlieger, "Sources of persistent prescription behavior: Evidence from Belgium"   
 185/8/18Brenden Timpe, "The Long-Run Effects of America's First Maternity Leave Policy"
 195/15/18  Parag Mahajan, " Immigration and Business Turnover in U.S. Local Labor Markets"
 205/22/18  Asha Sundaram (University of Auckland), "Input Tariffs, Roads and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia"
 215/29/18  Giacomo Meille, TBA   

Fall 2017

 Week    DateSpeakerTitle
No presentations
 710/17/2017Catherine Massey (ISR)
Alfia Karimova (ISR)
"Retirement and Longevity Outcomes of the Great Migration's Children"
"Bug Bites: Dengue Virus During Pregnancy and Infant Health"
 810/24/2017Huayu Xu

Hannah Bolder
"Elite Recruitment and Human Capital Accumulation – Evidence from the Civil Service Exam in Taiwan"
"The effect of soda taxes on prices and consumption: Evidence from Berkeley"
 910/31/2017Mattan Alalouf

Shuqiao Sun
"The Benefits of Medical Care for the Marginal Patient: Evidence from Diagnosis Cutoffs"
“Birth Order and Unwanted Fertility” (with Wanchuan Lin and Juan Pantano)
 1011/7/2017Shariq Mohammed (University of Arizona)"Designing for Racial Impartiality: The Impact of Relocating Host Photos on the Airbnb Website"
 1111/14/2017   Vellore Arthi (University of Essex)"Estimating the Recession-Mortality Relationship When Migration Matters"
 1211/21/2017Michiel de Haas (History)

Parag Mahajan
"Food security, labour seasonality and agricultural commercialization in tropical Africa: Evidence from colonial Uganda and Côte d’Ivoire"
"Immigration and Business Turnover in U.S. Local Labor Markets"
 1311/28/2017Wenjian Xu

Yulia Chhabra
Rainfall Shocks, Population Growth and Sex Ratios: Evidence from India
"We've Already Hired a Black Girl": Diversity and Labor Market for Minority Workers
 14 12/5/2017Avery Calkins
Chiara Ferrero
"College Major and the Dot-Com Bust"
"Are Family Firms Tax Havens? Evidence from Italy"    
 1512/12/2017Valentina Duque (ISR)"Integrating Early-life Shocks and Human Capital Investments on Children's Education"

Winter 2017
 Week    DateSpeakerTitle
No presentations

Petra Persson (Stanford)
"The Long-term Consequences of Teacher Discretion in Grading of High-Stakes Tests" (with Rebecca Diamond)
 83/14/2017Marcella Alsan (Stanford Med)

"Tuskegee and the Health of Black Men" (with Marianne Wanamaker)

 93/21/2017Ben Thompson"Extending the Social Safety Net: How poor households react the receipt of spousal pensions"
 103/27/2017Lauren Schmitz (ISR)
Patrick Brady (U-M Med)
"Genetic and Environmental Influences on Schooling and Lifetime Earnings"
Introduction to IHPI’s Data and Methods Resources"
 114/4/2017Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare"Identification and estimation of spillover effects in randomized trials"
 124/11/2017Anjali Adukia (UChicago-Harris)"Educational Investment Responses to Economic Opportunity: Evidence from Indian Road Construction"
 134/18/2017Pieter de Vlieger"Prescription behavior of physicians: Evidence from Belgium"
 144/25/2017Catalina Franco"Biased beliefs, effort, performance, and career aspirations: Evidence from a field experiment in Colombia"

Fall 2016

 Week    DateSpeakerTitle
 19/13/2016Alexander Persaud"Risk mitigation and selection under forward contracts: 19th-century Indian indentureship"
 29/20/2016Ben Thompson"Pensions, Retirement, and the Disutility of Labor: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Brazil
 39/27/2016No presentation
 410/4/2016Parag Mahajan

Morgan Henderson
Undocumented Immigrants and Labor Market Fluidity: Evidence in the Context of Equilibrium Unemployment Theory"
"The Economic Consequences of Immigrant Disenfranchisement: Evidence from the United States"
 510/11/2016Yubraj Acharya (SPH)"Barriers to Inter-Ethnic Interactions in Healthcare: Evidence from a Field Experiment"
 610/18/2016Ach Advaryu (Ross)"Diagnosing Quality: Patient-Provider Interactions and the Demand for Health Care"
 710/25/2016Valentina Duque (ISR)"Integrating Early-Life Shocks and Human Capital Investments"
 811/1/2016Traviss Cassidy
Brenden Timpe
"Federal Transfers and Government Accountability in Indonesia"
"Disability Insurance and Working Mothers"
 911/8/2016Hang Yu"Value of political connections- estimation from a nationwide policy shock in China" (35 minutes)
 1011/15/2016   Anant Nyshadham (Boston College)"Soft Skills to Pay the Bills: Evidence from Female Garment Workers"(with A. Advaryu and N. Kala)
 1111/22/2016Catalina Franco"Biased beliefs, performance and career aspirations: Design of an RCT in Colombia" (35 minutes)
 1211/29/2016Joelle Abramowitz (ISR)"The Effect of ACA State Medicaid Expansions on Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenditures and Reported Health"
 13 12/6/2016Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State)"White Follows Green Revisited: Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Physician Practice?"
George Alter (ISR, History)"Understanding Historical and Contemporary Fertility Transitions: A Birth Interval Approach" 

Winter 2016
 Week     Date Speaker Title
 1 1/12/2016 Anil Bhargava The Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: Localized Spatial Externalities of Water-Conserving Technology Adoption
 2 1/19/2016 Fan Fei Interwar Highways and the Demise of the General Store
 3 1/26/2016 Olga Yakusheva The Effect of Cesarean Delivery on Maternal and Fetal Outcomes: Regression Discontinuity Estimates using Advanced Maternal Age Cut-offs
 4 2/2/2016 Salma Khalid, Alan Griffith Group Dynamics and Technology Take-up / How Many Friends Do You Have? An Empirical Investigation into Censoring-Induced Bias in Social Network Data
 5 2/16/2016 Zoe McLaren A New Method for Estimating Prevalence Rates of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Using Routinely-Collected Data
 6 2/23/2016 Aakash Mohpal The Know-Do Gap of Healthcare Providers in Rural India
 7 3/8/2016 Alexander Persaud Migration under certainty: 19th-century Indian indentured immigration
 8 3/15/2016 Mike Zabek Housing Inequality
 9 3/22/2016 Steve Ruggles (University of Minnesota)
 10 4/5/2016    Morgan Henderson No Vote, No Job? Public Employment and Immigrant Disenfranchisement, 1900-1930
 11 4/12/2016 Bryan Stuart The Long-Term Impacts of Economic Decline on Children
 12 4/19/2016 Molly Hawkins Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and Child Outcomes: Evidence from Birth Weight Eligibility Cut-offs
 13  4/26/2016 Austin Davis Why Did Sugarcane Growers Suddenly Adopt Old Technology?
Jacob Bastian The 1975 Earned Income Tax Credit and the Rise of Working Mothers

Fall 2015
 Week     Date Speaker Title
 1 9/8/2015  Jacob Bastian, Morgan Henderson The 1975 Earned Income Tax Credit and The Rise of Working Mothers / The Labor Market Effects of (Dis)Enfranchisement
 2 9/15/2015 Kathy Michelmore Timing is Money: Does Lump-Sum Payment of Tax Credits Induce High-Cost Borrowing?
 3 9/22/2015 Katie Lim     Self-Employment, Workplace Flexibility, and Maternal Labor Supply: A Life-Cycle Model
 4 9/29/2015 Monica Hernandez Fueling Violence Instead of Education? The Effect of Oil Price Booms on Educational Attainment
 5 10/6/2015 Kelly Vosters (MSU) Is the Simple Law of Intergenerational Mobility Really a Law?  Evidence from the United States and Sweden
 6 10/13/2015 Max Kapustin The Effect of Medicaid on Educational Attainment: Evidence from Chicago
 7 10/20/2015 Bryan Stuart, Carrie Xu  The Effect of Economic Decline on Children's Long-Run Outcomes/Peer Effects in A Field Experiment
 8 10/27/2015 Morris Hamiliton, Alexander Persaud  Children's Health Insurance Program and Variation from Access to Care/Bonded labor and colonial south-south migration
 9 11/3/2015 James Feigenbaum (Harvard) Intergenerational Mobility during the Great Depression
 10 11/10/2015 Carlos Hernandez (UCLA) Product Switching, Adaptation and Firm Survival in the Brewing Industry during Prohibition
 11 11/17/2015 Lars Skipper (Aarhus)
Piling Pills? Forward-looking Behavior and Stockpiling of Prescription Drugs
 12 11/24/2015 Mike Zabek, Alan Griffith Population growth, decline, and shocks in local labor markets / A Structural Approach to Counterfactual Program Evaluation in the Presence of Endogenous Network Formation
 13  12/1/2015 Gaurav Khanna Resource Accumulation, Conflict and the Development of Africa (with Ach Adhvaryu, James Fenske and Anant Nyshadham) 
 14  12/8/2015 Prachi Jain Imperfect Monitoring and Informal Risk Sharing: The Role of Social Ties
 15 12/16/2015,
Stephen Salant Lectures on Applied Microeconomic Modeling
16 1/12/16 Anil Bhargava The Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: Localized Spatial Externalities of Water-Conserving Technology Adoption

Winter 2015
 Week     Date Speaker Title
 1 1/13/2015  Mushfiq Mobarak Social Learning and Communication 
 2 1/20/2015 Reading Group  
 3 1/27/2015 Reading Group   
 4 2/3/2015 Reading Group   
 5 2/10/2015 Reading Group  
 6 2/17/2015 Extremely Informal Presentations   
 7 2/24/2015 Extremely Informal Presentations   
 8 3/10/2015 Extremely Informal Presentations   
 9 3/17/2015 Manuela Angelucci When Incentives Backfire: Spillover Effects in Food Choice
 10 3/19/2015 Robert Pollak (joint with labor) Bargaining in Marriage and Marriage Market Equilibrium
 11 3/24/2015 Katie Lim Self-Employment and Motherhood: A Dynamic Model of Fertility and Labor Supply
 12 3/31/2015 Eric Chyn   
 13  4/7/2015 Gaurav Khanna  
 14  4/14/2015 Colleen Carey  
 15  4/21/2015 Johannes Norling  
 16  4/28/2015 Prachi Jain
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Fall 2014
 Week     Date Speaker Title
 1  9/2/2014 Adriana Lleras-Muney (UCLA) Lifetime effects of recessions and the role of government (Cancelled)
 2  9/9/2014 Olga Malkova Can Maternity Benefits Have Long-Term Effects on Childbearing?
 3  9/16/2014 Eric Chyn  The Impact of Emergency Contraceptives on Fertility: Evidence from Chile
    Lindsay Baker Breastfeeding Disparities in the United States
   9/21/2014 Potluck (at Martha Bailey's house)  
 4  9/23/2014 Johannes Norling  Expected and Realized Fertility in the PSID
    Alan Griffith (with Rebecca Thornton) Girls' Education, Aspirations, and Social Networks
 5  9/30/2014 Martha Bailey and Morgan Henderson The Early Twentieth Century Intergenerational Longitudinal Database
    Gaurav Khanna           Road Oft Taken: The Route to Spatial Development
 6  10/7/2014 Amanda Kowalski (Yale) The Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act State-by-State
 7  10/21/2014 Evan Taylor (with Bryan Stuart) Crime and Social Connectedness: Evidence from the Great Migration
    Alexander Persaud (with B. Citro, S. Kalantry and A. Nandi)                  Asian-born Parents and Sex Selection in the U.S.
 8  10/28/2014 Rob Gillezeau Did the War on Poverty Stop the 1960s Race Riots?
 9  11/4/2014 Prachi Jain
Moral Hazard, Networks and Risk Sharing: A Lab Experiment in Kenya
    Paolo Abarcar     Do Employers Value Return Migrants?
 10  11/11/2014 Sarah Miller Medicaid Coverage in Childhood and Utilization Later in Life
 11  11/18/2014 Mark Fontana  Fitness Tracking Wearables: Heterogeneity in Responses to Daily Goals
    Catalina Franco Buitrago (with Jeff Morenoff and David Harding) Estimating the Effect of Incarceration on Recidivism and Employment: An RD Approach
 12  11/25/2014 Development Tea  
 13  12/2/2014 Monica Hernandez The Effect of Local Violence on Students’ Academic Achievement 
    Gaurav Khanna (with A. Adhvaryu, J. Fenske and A. Nyshadham)  Resource Windfalls, Conflict and the Development of Africa
   12/6/2014 H2D2 Research Day Conference  
 14  12/9/2014 Jacob Bastian

Austin Davis
The Impact of the 1964 Civil Rights Act on the Black-White Income Gap: 50 Years Later
Putting Out the Fires: Sugarcane Harvesting, Air Pollution, and Health in Brazil