Winter 2018 Schedule

Please find below the H2D2 Schedule for 2017-2018. You can access the H2D2 calendar here.

 Week   Date  Presentation
1-8    no presentations
 9 3/6/18   James Allen IV, TBA
[open 35-minute slot]
 10  3/13/18   Achyuta Adhvaryu, "More Money, More Problems? Expectations, Wage Hikes, and Worker Voice"
 11 3/20/18 Meera Mahadevan, TBA
Connor Cole, TBA
 12 3/27/18 Luis Baldomero-Quintana, TBA
Valentina Duque, TBA (with Lauren Schmitz)
 13 4/3/18    Teju Velayudhan, "Tax Burden on the Informal Economy"
Obeid Rehman, TBA
 14 4/10/18 Ilona Matysiak, TBA
 15 4/17/18
no presentation
H2D2 Research Day 2018
 16 4/24/18 Catalina Franco, "Biased beliefs, effort, performance, and career aspirations: Evidence from a field experiment in Colombia"
 17 5/1/18    Pieter de Vlieger, TBA

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