H2D2 Research Day 2019 Schedule

Saturday, March 30, 2019

University of Michigan

Institute for Social Research

426 Thompson Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Breakfast and check-in, 8:30-9:20

Session 1, 9:20-10:20

Panel A: Education


Max Gross (University of Michigan), "Can a House be a Home? The Causal Effects of Foster Care on Child Outcomes"

Avery Calkins (University of Michigan), "College Major and the Dot-Com Crash"

Shuqiao Sun (University of Michigan), “Dynamic Complementarities Very Early in Life: Family Planning, Early Childhood Education, and Lifetime Human Capital

Panel B: Development


Bhanu Gupta (University of Michigan), “Auditing Away Tax Revenue - Impact of Third Party Audit on Firm Behavior in India

Linh Nguyen (University of Notre Dame), “Land Rights and Technology Adoption: Improved Rice Varieties in Vietnam

Eduardo Nakasone (Michigan State University), "Impact of Internet Access on Student Learning in Peruvian Schools"

Coffee Break, 10:20-10:45

Session 2, 10:45-11:45

Panel A: Family


Patrick Turner (University of Notre Dame), "No Place Like Home: Long-Run Impacts of Early Child Health and Family Planning"

Joanna Venator (University of Wisconsin - Madison), "Concentrating on His Career or Hers?: Descriptive Evidence on Occupational Co-agglomeration and Spousal Match

Sam Norris (University of Chicago), “The Effects of Parental and Sibling Incarceration: Evidence from Ohio

Panel B: History


Ariell Zimran (Vanderbilt University), "The Economic Assimilation of Irish Famine Migrants to the United States"

Brian Beach (William & Mary), "Censorship, Family Planning, and the Historical Demographic Transition"

Mallory Avery (University of Pittsburgh), The Mortality Effects of Community Mental Health Centers

Lunch and Poster Session, 11:45-1:00

Keynote Address, 1:00-2:00

Emily Oster (Brown), "Selection and the Challenge of Causality in Health Behaviors"

Session 3, 2:05-3:05

Panel A: Development


Ana Reynoso (University of Michigan), “Matching and Sorting in Marriage Markets with Polygamy

Mariella Gonzales (University of Chicago), “The Origins of Anti-market Parties: Evidence from Peru's Mining Industry

Jorge Tamayo (Harvard Business School), “Managerial Quality and Productivity Dynamics

Panel B: Health & Family


Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University), "Maternal Health and Pregnancy Exposure to Lead: A Case Study of Flint, Michigan."

Edson Severnini (Carnegie Mellon University), “Toxic Truth: Lead and Fertility

Yulya Truskinovsky (Wayne State University), “Caregiving and Labor Force Participation: New Evidence from the American Time Use Survey

Coffee Break, 3:05-3:30

Session 4, 3:30-4:30

Panel A: Insurance


Michal Hodor (University of Pennsylvania), “Learning the Health Insurance System: Evidence from the RAND Health Insurance Experiment

Kole Reddig (Carnegie Mellon University), "Participation and Performance in Accountable Care Organizations"

Scott A. Imberman (Michigan State University), “Do Health Insurance Mandates Spillover to Education? Evidence from Michigan's Autism Insurance Mandate

Panel B: Migration


Obeid Ur Rehman (University of Michigan), “Spousal Communication and Information Sharing: Evidence from Migrant Workers and their Spouses

Vinicios Sant'Anna (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign), "The Real Estate Consequences of Immigration Shocks: Evidence from the United States' Mexican Repatriation"

Joshua Mask (University of Illinois - Chicago), "Consequences of Immigrating During a Recession: Evidence from the US Refugee Resettlement Program"

Session 5, 4:40-5:40

Panel A: Migration


Sebastian Sotelo (University of Michigan), “Migration, Specialization and Trade: Evidence from the Brazilian March to the West”

Esteban J. Quiñones (University of Wisconsin - Madison), "Anticipatory Migration and Local Labor Responses to Rural Climate Shocks"

Barthélémy Bonadio (University of Michigan), "The Impact of Immigrants on Exports: An Analysis of U.S. States' Exports"

Panel B: Health
            Nathan Petek (Federal Trade Commission), “The Effect of Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws on Health Care Utilization and Health: Evidence from Law Changes and Patient Moves
            Katherine Wen (Cornell University), "Does Providing Insurance Coverage Reduce the Spread of Infectious Disease? The Impact of Medicaid Expansions on HIV Diagnoses"
            Joelle Abramowitz (University of Michigan), "Assisted Reproductive Technology Insurance Mandates and Maternal Mortality"

Reception, 6:00, Sam Wyly Executive Dining Room, Ross School of Business

Poster session:

Aaron Kaye Ana Paula Melo Anomita Ghosh Dominik Mockus Eunki Min Gabrielle Pepin Jun Hyung Kim Lauren DiRago-Duncan Lu Jinks Marta Boczon Nathaniel W. Breg Town Oh Riley Acton

We would like to thank the University of Michigan Office of Research, the Michigan Institute for Teaching and Research in Economics, the Business Economics Area at the Ross School of Business, the International Policy Center, the Health Management and Policy Department at the School of Public Health, the Economics Department at the University of Michigan, the Population Studies Center at the Institute for Social Research, and Rackham Graduate School Interdisciplinary Workshops for their generous support of H2D2 Research Day.