H2D2 Research Day 2019

We are excited to host the 5th annual H2D2 research day in Winter 2019. Please follow this link to RSVP for the conference.

We intend for this mini-conference to draw both faculty and student attendees from the University of Michigan as well as from the greater mid-west and Canada. The conference will focus on the subfields of health, history, development, demography and family economics, broadly defined.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at h2d2.university.of.michigan@gmail.com.

We would like to thank the University of Michigan Office of Research, the Michigan Institute for Teaching and Research in Economics, the Business Economics Area at the Ross School of Business, the International Policy Center, the Health Management and Policy Department at the School of Public Health, the Economics Department at the University of Michigan, the Population Studies Center at the Institute for Social Research, and Rackham Graduate School Interdisciplinary Workshops for their generous support of H2D2 Research Day.